welcome to Story of Our Lives. We are a Real Life rp site set in the fictional city of Savannah Hills. We have been open for two years and don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. We have lots of characters and members to plot with but we're always welcome to having more. After all, the drama cannot commence without you all. I hope you enjoy your time at SOOL, where you decide your character's fate.

site news.8/16: We have a new skin
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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Adaline Ryan Sunnydale Student 28-June 15 145
Addison Taylor The Locals 16-December 16 54
Adrienne Rosalie Santiago Windsor Academy Student 19-August 17 0
Allison Clarissa Wilson The Locals 27-May 16 14
Amelia Willows The Locals 21-September 15 72
Anastasia Kostopoulos The Locals 27-May 16 20
Andrew Grayson Windsor Academy Student 5-March 15 109
Asher Black The Locals 14-August 17 20
Austin Lancaster The Locals 9-September 16 8
❥ Jenn Members 1-May 17 0
Beverly windsor The Locals 17-August 17 5
Brayden Cameron Daniels The Locals 30-April 14 158
Caspian William Fitzgerald The Locals 22-June 17 11
Cassidy Barnes The Locals 14-August 17 2
christian jack redden Celebrities 10-August 17 7
Conner Neal Calloway The Locals 17-March 16 15
Cooper cox Celebrities 17-August 17 2
Daniella Feltz The Locals 22-December 16 5
Danielle Accepted Members 15-December 16 6
Dean Hallington The Locals 27-May 16 23
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skin made by libby at shine, cc, sp and atf LAUZ @ SHINE
custom forum structure by black