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Jun 17 2017, 06:38 AM
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Wesley James Wallace

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Wesley J. Wallace

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October 22nd

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Cardio Surgeon

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</div><div class='text'>

Chicago, IL

</div><div class='text'>

Jesse Williams

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Wes never knew his birth parents. For the longest time, the only woman he had known was Catherine Wallace, who was his adoptive mom, but she loved him as if he were her very own. From an early age, Catherine discovered that she was unable to have kids. Add that to that fact that she was super picky with men and it was basically a recipe for failure. Catherine started looking and quickly fell in love with young Wes. She took him back to Chicago where she raised him. Growing up in Chicago was both dangerous and exciting for the young man. He lived in a relatively safe neighborhood, but it was still Chicago. His mom's work and his own experience of saving a man's life is what fueled him to pursue a career in medicine. When Wes was twelve he started volunteering at the hospital. He started off at the gift shop and then worked as a unit assistant volunteer for the med/surg floor. It was definitely an interesting experience and he met lots of people that way.
When he was fifteen his mom got offered a position at a hospital in Florida as Chief of the department. Never being one to turn down a career advancement, Catherine took the job and her son along with her. For the longest time, Wes was a bit resentful. He had been ripped away from everything that he had grown up knowing. He eventually started to give things a chance there though. He got into sports at school again, mainly basketball and football. His mom didn’t necessarily approve because of all the kids that she saw come into the hospital with sports related injuries.
When Wes was a sophomore he met Sara. At first he was resistant because his mom was constantly pushing her on him. She didn’t seem like his type of girl. They ended up getting paired on a school project together and he got to see a whole different side to her. A side that he ended up falling for. It seemed like a short time together before their worlds were totally rocked. When Wes found out Sara was pregnant, he had no idea how to take it at the time. After coming to terms with it though, he was broken by the decision that she made and ultimately it caused a rift between them that had been too much to try and fix so they broke up. Wes went away to college and then onto medical school. He ended up coming back to Florida and is currently in his last year of residency before becoming a full-fledged cardiothoracic attending surgeon.
</div><div class='lilpicc' style='background-image:url(http://janemichaelekanem.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/greys-anatomy-806-200x300.jpg);'></div>

<img src='https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-sDqBKa1cGHY/WLu0YFeTXCI/AAAAAAAAG4Y/WigA0crN4xwlqd16Io1Vw9t1dhVPs8o-ACLcB/s400/tumblr_nsljkhen3j1tuy8zto5_1280.jpg'>

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Nicki . CST

</div><div style='margin-top:8px; width:450px; text-align:center; font-family:calibri; font-size:8px; color:#777; line-height:100%; letter-spacing:4px;'> THANKS TO LOUIS AT SHINE!</div>
Jun 13 2017, 06:51 PM
Ahhh you're my fav
May 12 2017, 07:52 AM
Things had been tense for Luke, at least in his own mind. He always played it off whenever he was around Addy. The last thing he wanted was for things to become awkward between the two of them, but he couldn’t help it. Part of him told himself that he never made any advances because she had already been through so much.
[temp start]
Apr 27 2017, 02:26 PM

"Jesse" and "Sarah" are doctors at the same hospital — they also happen to have been high school sweethearts resulting in an unplanned pregnancy junior year. they decided to give their baby up for adoption and due to the emotional impact of the decision, their relationship ended. now they are colleagues and find it heartbreaking to even glance at each other but when you save lives for a living it’s something you have to get over. when they were both working the emergency room, a very familiar child comes in with concerning symptoms only to be diagnosed with cancer/a rare disease that is only cureable from biological blood so when "Sarah" reads the child’s birth certificate they are ridden with shock — it’s their biological child.
Apr 27 2017, 02:21 PM

“Josh” is a single father to a new born. The result of a one night stand after a night of heavy drinking. With no real idea what to do with a child and no family to help. Living in a nice apartment complex. Where most neighbors are friendly but keep out of one another’s business.

“Ginnifer” lives on his floor and has heard this newborn baby crying sometimes at ungodly hours. Having complained to the landlord about it, only to be told it wasn’t something that could be controlled.

One night as the baby cried “Ginnifer” stepping outside about to yell at whoever the parents are to this screaming child. It is then that “Ginnifer” sees “Josh” in the hallway with the child in his arms, obviously he’s been lacking sleep. “Josh” is pacing trying to get the child to rest. With no idea “Josh” lived on their floor, much less he was the father of this child. So, in the middle of the night. “Ginnifer” offers to help “josh” get the baby back to sleep. It works and he continues to go to “Ginnifer” for help when he runs out of options
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