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Sep 28 2017, 12:29 PM
[dohtml]<div class='postcolor'> <center><div style="width:350px; text-align:justify; font-size:11px; color:#000; line-height:100%; padding-top:2px;">Brayden hated fighting with Milly. He loved her with everything in him but he wasn’t sure how more he could assure her that he only wanted her and no one else. The girl who he had been hanging out in that picture was just a friend and nothing more. When Brayden was with someone, he was completely invested and he would never do anything to jeopardize his relationship with Milly, especially after working so hard to get the courage to initiate it in the first place. Brayden had been racking his brain, trying to think of something he could do or say that might get her to talk to him since she hadn’t in weeks now.
Brayden talked to some of his friends, which may or may not have been a mistake. Some said that it was just one chick…a high school chick at that and he should simply forget her. Brayden could have done that. It may have been the simple choice, but Brayden didn’t want simple. He wanted Milly. She was sweet, caring and understanding and he refused to believe that their relationship would end over something as stupid as what they had been fighting about now. The weekend of Friday the 13th had come. Thankfully, homecoming was Saturday otherwise, Brayden would have felt like he was going to have bad luck in his attempt.
After talking and paying off a few people, Brayden’s plan was starting to fall into place. He had picked up his suit and gotten changed once he got to the school. It was still a little odd being back here. It definitely seemed smaller since he was in college now. He remembered thinking that this place was huge when he first started and now, not so much. Brayden got out, meeting up with one of his old friends in band. “Everything’s all set up and ready for you.”
Mar 15 2017, 10:32 PM
[dohtml]<div class='postcolor'> <center><div style="width:350px; text-align:justify; font-size:11px; color:#000; line-height:100%; padding-top:2px;">College was definitely a whole new world compared to what Brayden had been used to. His teachers telling him stories and seeing a few campuses was nothing compared to actually being there. It was daunting yet exhilarating at the same time. Brayden did miss home though which was why he tried to drive back when he could. For the first month or so he had gone home basically every weekend. It was only a two hour drive and so it was totally worth it. Though now as the semesters drew on and his class load changed, it was a bit harder to do that. Brayden tried not to let himself get so caught up in just being involved academically. He tried to keep a balanced social calendar as well, which was surprisingly easy with the friends he had made in the past few months.
Brayden took out his phone and smiled, admiring his lock screen picture. It had been one that he and Milly had taken over Christmas break. They’d had an amazing time together and while it was hard being away from her, he made the best of the situation and tried to talk to her as much as was allowed by his other obligations. He felt bad sometimes because she called while he was out or doing homework and he wasn’t very active in the conversation. He sat in his dorm room on his laptop, browsing through Facebook as he normally did when he had some downtime. In the back of his mind of course, he wondered what Milly may have been up to.
@Milly Wilder
Dec 16 2016, 03:30 AM

[dohtml]<div class='postcolor'> <center><div style="width:350px; text-align:justify; font-size:11px; color:#000; line-height:100%; padding-top:2px;">Brayden always loved how compassionate and understanding Milly was. She always did her best to be there for the people who mattered most to her no matter what. It was a trait that Brayden himself prized. Brayden had always been deemed as a “hard faller”. Brayden had only had a few relationships in his life. This was the first one where he felt like he could just be at ease and be himself. It made things easier with their chemistry. It wasn’t something that they had to force. It just seemed to flow so naturally. Brayden had only connected with one other person like that, but it had ended abruptly. They decided that they just didn’t want the same things and broke up.
Saying I love you to someone was a big deal, especially for Brayden. It put you on a whole other playing field, but Brayden felt strongly for Milly. She had lost so much in such a short time and Brayden didn’t want her to feel like him going away to school was going to cause her to lose him. He wanted her to know just how deeply his commitment to her ran for him. “Okay. Um…Well do you want to go somewhere and get one? Or would you like a home made one?” Among his talents, Brayden dabbled in the kitchen a bit, courtesy of his mom. It wasn’t like he was making gourmet, five-star meals, but he knew his way around a kitchen and could definitely make a wide range of basic things.
Brayden gave her hand a squeeze, planting a gentle kiss on top of it. He felt his phone vibrating in his pocket and pulled it out for a moment. He read the message and chuckled, shaking his head. “Will wanted to make sure I didn’t forget to tell you hi for him and that he hopes that even though I’m going away to school, you won’t be a stranger. I think he’s just trying to work on a plan to steal you away once I leave.”

@Milly Wilder
Aug 19 2016, 06:02 PM

[dohtml]<div class='postcolor'> <center><div style="width:350px; text-align:justify; font-size:11px; color:#000; line-height:100%; padding-top:2px;">Brayden had been both nervous and excited about this weekend. Nervous because he was actually going away to school. It wouldn’t be too far away, just a few hours, but he had never really been that far away from home before, but that was also why he was excited. It was a chance for him to explore a new path in his life. For him to learn and grow as a person. He had been trying to spend as much time with Milly as he could before school started because they’d not only be on different schedules, but she wouldn’t be just down the quad or about a ten minute drive when they weren’t staying in the dorms.
Brayden pulled out his phone and sent her a quick text, seeing what she was up to. He had gotten her a present. Well made her one. He had been working on a drawing of her and after a few drafts, he had finally finished it. He had thought about adding some color to it, but he didn’t want to run the risk of messing it up.
@Milly Wilder
Feb 24 2016, 03:36 PM
[dohtml]<div class='postcolor'> <center><div style="width:350px; text-align:justify; font-size:11px; color:#000; line-height:100%; padding-top:2px;">

This was the last time that Brayden hoped he would have to do this. He sat with his laptop in his lap and typed the note. It read,‘Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m tired of hiding myself from you. If you want to finally meet me, then meet me under the gazebo in the park at three.’ Brayden printed the note and grabbed one of the envelopes from his desk. He carefully stuffed it in his backpack, waiting until the hallway was clear. He walked over to Milly’s locker and stuffed it in before disappearing. Thankfully, there was an assembly being held that he had been excused from. He cut out early and started getting everything ready. He had gotten lilies and one of her favorite candies. He cut the rubber band that held the lilies together and started to place them on the area leading up to the gazebo. There was a bunch of trees on the side of the gazebo. He figured he would camp out there until she arrived. He just hoped this wasn’t disappointing.
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