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Jun 12 2017, 04:54 PM
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Stomach growling. Boredom taking over his mind. Head tilted onto the window. Staring out into the traffic Derek Summers waited for something exciting to take over. Nothing came. Lunch came first. It seemed lately that was the most exciting part of his day - lunch. Not that a Cop should complain as it meant the world was safe. Well - as safe as one could hope or at least that the crime was hidden. <p>
The 7th Street Diner was generally his go to food joint for lunch. The staff was quick. The food was good. And it had this homestyle feel to it which just so happened to show in their food. Derek was a sucker for homecooked meals and everytime he ate here that's what he felt like he was getting. Actually - that was what he was getting. He knew that everything the staff brought him was made from scratch. Their sandwiches were even delightful for the taste buds because it was made with homemade bread. His stomach was just rumbling thinking about it.<p>
Walking into the Diner he found himself a seat at his usual spot. In the back corner he sat right next to a window. It allowed him some peace and quiet. One might assume that Derek had a usual but he actually had this strange goal to go through and try everything on the menu- he was a quarter of the way through with this plan. A waitress brought him a cup of black coffee - nothing in it as that's just the way he liked it. He thanked her as he skimmed the menu almost already knowing what he was going to get but it was normal procedure for him to skim the menu anyways, plus it killed time. He had an hour lunch after all. <p>

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Jun 1 2017, 05:40 PM
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<p>hey there. this is going to sound weird but i found your err? friends phone? you're listed as my hubba hubba... so i figured you might be a safe bet to get a hold of them, lol

<div style="width: 200px"><a href="">&bull;</a> <a href="">&bull;</a> <a href="">&bull;</a> <a href="">&bull;</a></div>

Take it how you will! lol! They can know one another and realize it or be strangers!
May 28 2017, 11:09 PM
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Derek James Summer. An Army Brat turned Police Officer. This boy was raised since he was a young kid to become an Army Brat as his father was in the Military. It was only natural that he'd want to join the Military someday and that he did. However, he only served four years before deciding to join the Police Academy. His Uncle always telling him he needed to have a life outside of the Military because joining the Military it was 24 hours a day work - at least as an Officer as dangerous as it may be he did get time off and that he was thankful for. He's a nice guy but he does come off guarded at first and some may say scary as he has a very muscular built and sometimes his face has what one would call a resting bitch face - far from what he is. He's passionate about his work and protective of those that are defenseless - animals, children, and those that clearly don't have much in life. He's also very forgiving and always giving people second chances - sometimes gets him in trouble at his job - unless the person is a rapist, pedophile or a killer as he doesn't forgive those crimes. He loves to swim, and a sucker for romance movies. <p>

As for friends he grew up here so maybe people knew him from the summer. He went to a boarding school though for high school - but stayed with his uncle in the summer. Anybody that is part of the Army or had been or Police Officers can easily become work buddies as well. He's always willing to be a designated driver for people that like to party, and always willing to give a helping hand to those in need. I'm open to all ideas.<p>

As for love former summer flings? maybe he had a relationship while he was in the Military and it just didn't work out because of the Army. maybe he had one or two hook ups? But i'm open to all ideas from the past.

As for enemies people that hate cops! that's a given. or anybody that hates war as he is very supportive of the troops and was in the Army. I'm open to all ideas for enemies as well. <p>

Open to any ideas really! Shoot them at me!

<div class="lovemecred"><a href="">xoxo</a></div></center></div>
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May 28 2017, 04:52 PM
<a href="">channing tatumt</a><br>
May 28 2017, 04:34 PM
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derek james summers

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derek j. summers

</div><div class='text'>


</div><div class='text'>

feb 21

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</div><div class='text'>

savannah hills

</div><div class='text'>

channing tatum

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Army Strong. This was the mentality that Mr. Summers was born with and the first outfit that was placed upon the young baby was an Army onesie. It was almost destined that this young lad would grow up to be strong and follow in his fathers foot-steps to join the Army - make the family proud. His life seemed to be mapped out before him as his father's entire side had ties with serving the Military. His mother however would be the reason he found himself choosing different paths for his life and the untimely death of his father.<p>
Derek Summers was born to the fasttrack marriage of a Debbie and Jimbo Summers - a shotgun wedding. Debbie had found herself at the age of nineteen carrying Derek after an accidental condom breakage or so thats what was said but many suspect she just wanted Jimmy Summer's to marry her. He was going to be leaving to a new base and the only way he could take her was if the two wedded. He hadn't really imagined himself settling down with a wife because his job was essentially his wife. Debbie had other plans - she wanted to be married to a Military man and have the idea Military family. She found a way to do just that but it wasn't everything she dreamed it to be.<p>
In fact - after only having Derek for a year she couldn't handle the life she had planned for herself as it wasn't all she had hoped. Her husband was always busy and she was stuck taking care of a toddler all on her own. She packed up her bags and left the Military camp after that and dropped off Derek to live with her brother - a cop in Savannah Hills. <p>
This left Derek to be raised by a cop and an army man (his father visited often). It was only natural that this became Derek's career choices. He however never dreamed of being in the military as long as his father - his father who died in combat when he was just ten years old. However in honour of his father it was always important for Derek to join and serve the country in respect for his father. But - it was his Uncle who convinced him to join the Police Academy after he got out of serving the Army which was exactly what he had done. <p>
Derek put his entire life into the choice to join the Army someday which often left the man rather lonely. He went to a Military Boarding School in High school - an all boys school and after he graduated he found himself joining the Military. It left no real time for only short-lived summer romances however had had met a lot of lifetime friends but it's also meant he lost a lot of brother's to war. After serving his time in the Military he has searched to make a better home of Savannah hills by taking care of his Uncle, searching for the perfect woman to settle down with, and even making some friends to chill with at local bars. However - the man still finds himself a little lonely despite all the good he has tried to do for the community - much like his father he finds works to be his wife but that was something his dad and uncle told him to never do but at age 34 he finds that just might be what his life has in store for him.

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<img src=''>

</div><div style='width:440px; height:50px; background-color:#fff; font-family:oswald; color:#222; line-height:50px; font-size:20px; text-transform:uppercase; letter-spacing:2px;'>

pj . eastern

</div><div style='margin-top:8px; width:450px; text-align:center; font-family:calibri; font-size:8px; color:#777; line-height:100%; letter-spacing:4px;'> THANKS TO LOUIS AT SHINE!</div>
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