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May 31 2017, 03:56 AM

[dohtml]<div class='postcolor'> <center><div style="width:350px; text-align:justify; font-size:11px; color:#000; line-height:100%; padding-top:2px;">so i accidentally lost this post oops

@Holly Ophelia Thompson
May 30 2017, 03:34 PM
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Ryan Matthew Edwards

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Ryan M. Edwards

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September 17th

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Clinical Research Associate

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</div><div class='text'>
Charlotte, NC

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Chris Evans

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Ryan Edwards was born to James and Lillian Conners. Life had started out great for Ryan. Until his 2nd birthday. James seemed to be drowning in debt and turned to drugs and his mother turned to drinking. He was often left unattended and neglected. DCFS got involved and took the child away. He was placed in the system where he bounced from home to home until he was ten, but by then, he had learned that there was no happy family for him, only survival. The Edwards family adopted him. A doctor and a nurse practioner, Ryan was constantly exposed to medical related things and it fascinated him. Eventually, he began to loosen up and gave things a chance, which turned out to be quite good.
They encouraged him to do as many things as he wanted to do, which is why he thrived in sports after some proper training and prep work. They came to all his games, even helped him when it came to his first relationship. Holly Thompson had been the light of his life through dark times in high school and even in college. Their life seemed to be ideal. The picture of what Ryan always hoped that he would get. Things weren’t always so simple though. Things began to get difficult for Ryan. His job became harder and eventually he was let go and when that happened he turned to alcohol and gambling, much like his birth parents.
It disgusted him that he had let himself fall so far, but it hadn’t fully hit him until he had lost Holly. It was when she had left that he realized he needed to get himself together. He went to therapy twice a week, joined a support group, discovered hiking, and started over on the job front. He was able to find a gig with a pharmaceutical company as a clinical research associate.

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<img src='http://media.beliefnet.com/~/media/photos/celebrityfaithdatabase/e/e_chris_evans.jpg'>

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Nicki. CST

</div><div style='margin-top:8px; width:450px; text-align:center; font-family:calibri; font-size:8px; color:#777; line-height:100%; letter-spacing:4px;'> THANKS TO LOUIS AT SHINE!</div>
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