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Aug 16 2017, 02:50 AM
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<p>As a boy, Chris had been told that you never "forgot your roots" and that was likely the reason he found himself shooting hoops on the court at the local high school rather than one of the many options he had as an NBA player. Chris had never been the guy who spent much time at the team allocated gyms and training courts, he would attend team designated training sessions, but he liked to train in his "own backyard" because that was where he had learned the game and it was, afterall the place where he had really been noticed. Chis felt that, despite the fact school was currently in session, that he had some peace on this court and he was usually left alone, other than the occasional high school who wandered out and asked if they could shoot with him or if they could have a game of one on one, likely trying to show off to a girl who was watching and Chris always made them regret trying to come on to "his" court and score points off him, figuratively and literally. <p>
Chris had never let anybody, other than one of his female friends, score points on him in his life. <p>
Chris's reputation depended on whether you were a basketball fan, a Heat or Magic fan or if you knew nothing about basketball altogether; it was easily to dismiss him as nothing more than a regular face but anybody who cared about the game knew who he was. In Savannah Hills, most of the NBA fans either supported Orlando or Miami and they were the two teams currently playing tug of war for his signature right now and all of the students who played with him would try and get the answer of who he would eventually choose out of him; he never gave them any real answer. Chris had actually already decided on staying with Miami, but his manager had "convinced" him to play moneyball and make them pay for his services, a max contract at a minimum was the asking price and he was leaving his manager to work out the details. Miami was the team in the play-off hunt and they needed Chris; he was the best defender statistically in the league and he was a proficient score. It was also known that LeBron James spent half his pre-game warm-up in the toilet when he knew "Code Red" would be guarding him that night. <p>
Chris watched as he shot the ball and watched as it slipped through the hoop, barely grazing the net and he let the ball come back to him as Akita, the husky that he had officially adopted from Zoe before he left Minnesota, trotted over towards him and nudged the ball back in his direction then trotted back to the spot under the ring that he had been resting in. Chris was new to the city, when he had narrowed his option down to two teams, he had bought a house in Savannah Hills and began planning a more "stable" life without as much moving around; the contract he was asking for was more about "years" than "dollars" though his manager was pushing for big dollars too. Chris took another shot, missed this time, the process repeated with Akita trotting over and nudging the ball back in his direction but this time he called the animal over for a pat and threw the ball up for the dog to play with.


Aug 16 2017, 01:38 AM
Just a note; I know that the "location" I have in the bio isn't the same, I will go through and edit that when I have the energy to proof read it all but I thought it would be fine to put it up now since I'm not taking anything out, it's just the location and maybe a few team names that need to be fixed - all of which can be worked out through roleplay, if need be.

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Growing up in the Baltimore high raises: Christian’s parents were not savoury types. His mother was a gangster’s widow, her late husband was his father’s best friend and he was basically, the product of an affair. He was lucky that he wasn’t aborted as a youngster, his father not wanting a tie to a female but always wanting a child of his own was his life saver and his mother was basically forced to go through with his birth. It wasn’t easy to be a little kid in Baltimore growing up. The schools were shady, the teachers didn’t really care and most children were associated with gangs in some way. Chris’s father was the second in charge in one of the biggest drug rings in the city, meaning he had power and most would have expected that Chris would have followed in this footsteps – he never did. Yes, he did the occasional drug running for pocket change and he wanted to impress his father, but he preferred to stick around the school and play sports. He had his fair share of fights as a kid – it really came with the territory. They were all started by the other party, over stupid things and he got to witness his father act violently towards these incidents over time. It got to the point where he hated spending time with his father, not through fear but because he didn’t enjoy the violence and spent a lot of nights on the streets because he couldn’t stand being around his drug addict mother. Chris’s father was eventually arrested on drug charges and he finally stepped up as a parent this day. He saw that Chris’s mother wasn’t fit to watch out for him, deciding that he would send him off to California to live with his aunt and uncle (on his father’s side) who were in a much better lifestyle than either of his parents. Chris was lawfully adopted at the age of fourteen and the transition to California was easily the best decision he had ever made. <p>
Moving to California: California was a whole new world and he noticed that as soon as he started high school. There were still fights, but they didn’t happen anywhere near as frequently and there were still drugs around, but they weren’t in his hands and he didn’t really care. His uncle was the coach of the basketball team, meaning he got Chris to try out and immediately saw something in his ability, because Chris was starting matches as a freshman. Chris had NBA level talent from day one (his teammates even saw it) and he was breaking records by the week in the school leagues. He began to play at every chance, after school and before school, trying out for teams and playing for his state before representing the country in the under 18 Olympics at the age of sixteen. It basically became his life from that day, coming first before studies because he didn’t consider himself a student anyway and later he even got to attend basketball camps with the NBA greats. Over the years, he became close friends with a lot of the female basketball players (never really the males) because he done a lot of coaching for them. The one he became best friends with (Loretta Stone) wasn’t actually a player, but friends with some of the players and that girl became like his little sister despite the occasional lengthy periods where they wouldn’t speak or see each other, but always found their way back eventually. It’s the type of relationship that he’ll always do his best to maintain, regardless of what happens. Chris was meant to enter the NBA draft and be taken as top three pick… but that never happened. He didn’t put his mind to college, meaning he was booted out and he didn’t attend the NBA draft, choosing to sign with the Sacramento Kings as a free agent instead. It was there that his NBA career would kick off. <p>
The NBA and Heat trade: The time spent playing for the Wolves was interesting. He was seen as one of the guys to take a young team into the future, but his agent didn’t want him playing for a team in rebuild and pushed for him to seek a trade to on Heat of the league heavyweights. It didn’t take long to find suitors, but it was the Miami sneaking up to snap him away from the lowly Kings due to a Kobe Bryant meeting. It’s safe to say he’s still quite unpopular in Sacramento. However, moving to LA was one of the best decisions that he ever got to make, especially playing the shooting guard position because he would get to learn from Kobe Bryant and even though he spent time on the bench, he enjoyed getting a taste of playoffs in his first season on LA. Chris was keen to sign a contract with the team long term (showing he had no idea what he was doing) but his manager made him hold off, speak to other sides and force the Heat hand to sign him to a much large contract. At the end of his first season in LA, he signed a contract for four season worth forty-four million dollars, with the promise of better in the future. Unfortunately, an ankle fracture kept him off the court for a lot of the last season and delayed the start to his season. It was hard for him to really get into the game when he did get on the court, insecurity keeping from his usual running game and his output was very under par, especially of what he set for himself. He still maintained a high shooting percentage, but spent too much time on the bench for reoccurring pain, but has since gained his confidence back and is ready to take on the next upcoming season. <p>
Zoe Dekker: Zoe Dekker was his first girlfriend and easily, his first love. It was a random way of meeting, but things hit off between them quickly and they found themselves dating, despite a slight age difference. Chris was still a high school student when they began dating and Zoe was a couple of years older, but the fact he was a student certainly turned a few eyebrows and they never let that get to them. The two shared each other’s best and worst times – Zoe got to see his worst on the basketball court and he dealt with a fair share of her problems. It was still the type of relationship that he loved though, knowing he had fallen for the tattooed goddess within months of the relationship beginning, it all came crashing down when some things that happened (losing a baby but Chris never speaks about it) caused her to abruptly end the relationship and force herself to leave Belmont over it. Chris and Zoe still occasionally contacted each other over the past couple of years – it was clear they never really got over each other. He tried dating, but found things never really working out and he just held hope that one day she would at least let him visit again. Chris tried his best to use her dog (that Chris kept) to lure her back for visits, but not even that worked. In the end, Chris realised that things were never going to get back to how they were and the final goodbyes were said between all three parties; Chris, Zoe and Zoe’s dog who came back to California with Chris. <p>
The new Kobe: Chris Redden’s contract recently ended and despite the stress fracture problems in his foot, it was still important for the Heat to resign him because they were losing out on players and there were many teams circling around to steal Chris from the Heat. Chris wanted to remain close to home, so he was offered huge money from the surrounding teams and it was up to the Heat to dig deep into their pockets for a large contract. It was because of the teams desperation that he was able to milk a five year, one hundred and ten million dollar contract extension with the Heat that some might have thought was a little desperate to keep an injury prone player, but Chris had already proven himself to be in the top few point guards in the league and injury free, could easily rise to become the best point guard in the league. It keeps Chris close to Belmont, able to come and go as he pleases and it keeps the team with a marquee player in the right age group that they desperately need in their position. <p>

Friends: Chris is friendly, but reserved. It does take him some time to trust people, though he does have a good heart and he's quite modest for somebody who has risen up the NBA ranks at a rapid pace. Chris doesn't talk much about his career, only when he's asked about it, so if you're just meeting him and you know nothing about basketball, then it's easy to mistake him as just a regular guy. He doesn't really hang out with his fellow players off the court nor do any friends of his need to care about the game he probably cares about more than anything, in fact he kinda likes the break away from the game. <p>

Enemies: Everyone has them. Chris is a black guy for starters and there is still plenty of racism in the world. Chris is also a famous NBA player but most importantly, is the son of a known convicted drug pusher because that was made public when he started to become famous. Chris can be a hard guy, he's not violent and he'd sooner walk away from a fight and be called a "coward" than fight back and land himself in trouble, words don't really effect him these days. I don't know how much penance Chris would give an enemy; if somebody really wanted to persist with starting trouble then I suppose he'd have to react. <p>

Lovers: Touchy subject. Chris fell in love once and it turned into one of the most harrowing experiences in his life and he isn't quite sure he wants that again... he has enough to deal with. Chris's main love is the game and his dog, which he "adopted" from the very girl that he fell for and the one who tore him wide open twice, though he'd never blame her for that. He's had flings but very rarely, it's not his thing so I wouldn't think he'd be into the whole "FWB" sort of thing, he might let his guard down for one night, but he's really careful these days. I'm always open for plots, though I most certainly don't plot finals, especially with a character like this. <p>

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<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
Aug 14 2017, 06:27 AM
    Character Info

    Name: Christian Jack Redden
    Age: 26
    Play by: Chadwick Boseman
    Member group: Celebrity
    One Defining Thing about them: *CJ grew up in West Baltimore and his father was arrested for possession and distribution when he was 9 years old. CJ moved to California to live with his aunt and uncle.

    *CJ was a star high school basketballer, but his school application was terrible, he was eventually given an athletic scholarship but he didn't make anything of it. CJ left college in his freshman year.

    *He was found by an NBA talent scout playing street ball when he was 19, given a 10 day contract in Minnesota and made a pretty good impression over there. Minnesota didn't bring him back for another contract, but he found himself playing in Indiana the following season.

    *CJ signed his first real contract with Indiana, but a broken foot derailed him soon after and persistent foot injuries saw him jump from team to team over the course of 2 seasons. CJ finally began to make a mark while playing in Philadelphia, where he found himself in the all-defensive second time and since then, his career has taken off.

    *Last season, CJ signed with Miami, where he won the all-defensive played award and featured as a all-star reserved for the first time. CJ has since made a home in Florida, though he's currently a free agent and there has been lures from other teams, it seems likely that he'll stay with Miami or possibly move to Orlando on a max contract.

    *CJ's father was released from prison just this year, but he hasn't allowed his father to make any contact with him, though the man obviously knows where CJ is and what he's doing. CJ wants nothing to do with his father.

    Member info
    Name: Lisa
    Age: 22
    Time zone: AEST
    How you found us: Here before
    Normal posting range: 400-ish

    (I am going to do a proper bio for him, but alot of things need to be changed, so I'm doing the cop out for now)
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