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 On an island in the sun, steph/derek
Stephanie Elizabeth Masterson
 Posted: Sep 4 2017, 11:00 PM
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Stephanie was three seconds from turning red at his words. He was so sweet and sincere with his sweetness. There never seemed to be ulterior motives with him which was something that Stephanie absolutely loved. Stephanie laughed a little. “As interesting as it would be to watch you chase down the world’s most famous mouse, I doubt it’ll be necessarily. They should be in front of the castle in about…45 minutes”, she said as she looked up at the clock. She figured that gave them plenty of time to eat without having to rush through or anything. Stephanie tended to feel sick if she did that and she wanted to be at her absolute best so that she could completely enjoy things with Derek.

Stephanie felt the same way. She couldn’t believe that things had turned out as perfect as they had but she was definitely glad that they had. This was what she was hoping would be the first of many good dates between them. She didn’t have any doubts that this wouldn’t be there only date. She had only been physically around him a few hours and she already felt as though it would be unbearable to be away from him for too long. Maybe that was crazy, but Stephanie was surprisingly okay with that. She would have been a bit more hesitant if this had been someone who she had never talked to, but that wasn’t the case for them. They had years of history behind them, it was just now finally solidified with a physical meeting.

Stephanie felt her legs getting weak. In that moment, she was thankful that he wasn’t a mind reader because the amount of internal squeals going off might have alarmed him. She was happy though. “I’d have to say you’re right. I think it did want us to meet.” It was like they were just on the same page about everything which delighted Stephanie to no end. That was the exact way that she would have described it. She threw away her empty containers and wiped her hands off with a napkin before discarding it as well. Between the rides, the hunt for Mickey and Minnie and the general enjoyment of each other’s company, the day seemed to progress quickly, which Stephanie wasn’t sure how she felt about as of yet. She was excited though because they were close to time for the fireworks show. They had actually gotten a good spot. “Excited?”, she questioned curiously. She sure was.

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