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 Passing The Time, for Nicki/Jake
Ebony McHale
 Posted: Jun 17 2017, 12:39 PM
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Emily Rudd
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This wasn't a day where Ebony wanted to stay cooped up in the house. Not only was the weather gorgeous outside (even though she wasn't a huge fan of the heat), but she woke up feeling a bit stir crazy. It sucked not having her regular classes to go to now that it was summer vacation. Ebony had greatly enjoyed her first year as a university student, and she planned on taking more courses this summer, but the summer term didn't start for another month, so for now all she could do was twiddle her thumbs and find things to occupy her time until July.

She started by firing off a text to Jake. Surely he would be just as eagar to get out of the house, not to mention she had some news that she wanted to share with him.

Meet up @ the Cove in about an hour? Bring your "Beach Reads"

Neither one of them were the type to delve into what the publishing industry would market as "beach reads," although they were both avid readers. Ebony would devour any medical text that she could get her hands on, and as a hobby she also enjoyed learning about herbs and herbal remedies. But she also loved fiction, and she always had. She and Jake had actually met when they were in the first grade and Ebony had been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the first time - she reached an advanced reading level at an early age - and the two had bonded over that story. In her bag she had a few novels packed away; she was just about finished re-reading The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin for about the hundreth time, as it was one of her favorites, and she was also bringing The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafron. She'd also tucked her favorite notebook into her purse, on the off chance that some new lyrics might pop into her head and she wanted to write them down before they were lost to the nether.

After getting dressed, putting on sunscreen, applying her makeup, and spraying a small spritz of the rose-scented perfume that she always wore, she grabbed her bag, put on her hat and headed out the door. During this time of year, Ebony didn't like to venture out into the sun with out a decent amount of sun block and some sort of hat on her head. Sunburn was altogether unpleasant, not to mention she was never a fan of the freckles that would inevitably appear on her face and arms once the sun touched them. Sure, freckles were supposed to be a sign of beauty, but Ebony preferred her appearance just the way it was and so took the necessary precautions. After parking by the beach and walking through the crowds of people lounging on the sand, simultaneously ignoring the whistles and cat calls from the boys who weren't accompanied by their girlfriends, she made it to the cove, a more desolate part of the beach. It was quite the hike to reach, and most tourists didn't have the energy to make it all the way over here. The area looked to be 100% deserted today, which was how Ebony liked it. She pulled her beach towel out from her bag and spread it across the sand in a shaded area. Ebony had arrived there earlier than she'd asked Jake to meet her in her text, so for now she just relaxed, sitting on the towel with her legs in front of her and finding the spot in her book where she'd left off.

((Could def see this picture being one that Jake took, just sayin' (: ))
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