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 Lockett, Micah James, 19 | Keith Powers | University Student
Micah James Lockett
 Posted: Jul 10 2017, 10:45 PM
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NINETEEN years old

micah james lockett
micah j. lockett
4th of July
University Student
Miami, Florida
Keith Powers
Background & History:

Micah James Lockett was born and raised in Miami, Florida to two famous parents. His mother was a talented actress from back in her later days. His father is a former NBA player for the Miami Heat. He is now working as a well respected sports commentator. Micah and his siblings experienced a healthy and above average childhood. It was apart of the perks of having celebrities as parents. Although his parents are rich and often spoils him and his siblings with the finer things in life, Micah never took their success too much for granted. He was taught that money cannot buy him everything, nor could it give him eternal happiness forever. He parents also thought him the importance of hard work and determination. At the early age of three, his mother enrolled him into dance classes and acting classes. She later enrolled him into vocal classes, too along the way. At the young age of six years old he landed his first role as young Simba in The Lion King musical. Similar to his mother, he was a natural whenever it came down to fine arts. He was even as passionate towards the fine arts just as much as his mother. However, his father never approved of his son choosing fine arts over sports. He wanted his son to follow into his footsteps instead. In order to make his father proud, Micah decided to become even more interested in sports. It was not a hard task for him to fulfill, since he is also a natural whenever it comes to playing sports, too. He now eats, sleeps, and dreams about basketball in hopes of following into his father's footsteps and hoping to someday become a professional basketball player, even if it does mean putting his own dreams of becoming a singer on hold.

Micah attended Windsor Academy during his high school years. . At the time, he could have easily been classified as a jock for the most part. He was considered be the king of jocks, since he one of the star players on the basketball team and his parents were both celebrities. He also was quite popular with the ladies, too, because of his charming good looks and suave personality. However, was never one to be overly obsessed with being a part of the popular. Micah spent majority of this time focusing on playing basketball and keeping his grades up, so that he would not disappoint his parents. His parents always stressed the important of a solid education and the various opportunities that it would offer in the near future, and Micah took those words to heart. While in high school he decided to join a few of his close friends to create a small boy band together for a few months. He was one of the lead singers. He ended up quitting the band, because it started being too much of a distraction for him on the court and he did not want his father to find out about it. He later graduated from high school as valedictorian of his class and scored a huge academic scholarship along with a sports scholarship to play basketball at a local university.

Entering college at the 18, Micah quickly found himself becoming slightly overwhelmed with everything rushing towards him. Luckily, his parents had prepared him for the real world physically and emotionally and his high school had done more than prepared him intellectually to take on the difficult challenges awaiting him in his classes. Micah is studying Physical Therapy with a minor in music. he has a strong desire to help treat children with movement dysfunction and wants to help them enhance their physical and function abilities. He would like also like to utilize his musical background in order to combine a little bit of musical therapy along the way. Micah is still known as the handsome, charming, and intelligent jock around campus. However, he is determined to show the world that he is a little more than just another jock.


athletic, charming, guarded, driven, loyal, intelligent, gamer, headstrong, sociable, honest, courteous, mellow, diligent, independent, tenacious, competitive, tough, respectful, impatient. silly, wishful.


basketball, working out, video games, singing, dancing, sour skittles, attractive women, all genres of music, comedy, his family, partying, winning, working with his hands, challenges, helping others and meeting cool and down-to-Earth people.


losing, seeing people cry, not being on time, depending on other people, fighting with his brothers, being around too much smoke, disappointing his father, being too busy, people who are constantly complaining about everything.

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 Posted: Jul 11 2017, 04:22 AM
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