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 KRYSTINA'S WANTED, all in one place <3 12/28
 Posted: Jul 29 2017, 08:26 PM


I adore Katya, half because she's my favourite face claim and half because she sounds pretty great.

I have a male character that I wanted to bring to another board. I haven't read all of Katya's requests and so forth, but I figured since you're looking for someone to plot her with, I could possibly make him here.

A little about him. CJ was born in Baltimore and his father was involved in a large drug ring there, think Stringer Bell if you have watched The Wire. CJ's father was incarcerated when he was just 14 and he was sent away to live with his Grandmother in California. CJ was a star basketballer through high school, played on a losing team but he was generally the star player, was recruited to play at a college but he completely flunked out with his studies and ended up quitting college, moved back in with his Grandmother and started playing street ball instead, figuring that was where his life would just end up.

CJ was spotted by a NBA talent scout, ended up with a 10 day NBA contract that he made the most of and that 10 day contract turned into a 3 year deal with Sacramento. At CJ's last point, he had been drafted on a large contract to a team close to where the board was set, so I would just do the same thing with him here and have him drafted to a team close to Savannah Hills and go from there.

His play by is either Michael B Jordan or Texas Battle. It depends on whether MBJ is available on the site.
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skin by evvie of cttw & SHINE