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Katya Novokov

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Mar 6 2017, 05:56 PM

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Katya couldn't believe the day had finally come. Prom night. Her friends had been planning this night for a while, it had been all they talked about for the last few weeks. Dresses, corsages, make-up, hairstyles, shoes… it was her life the past few weeks. The only thing she did not share with her friends was her dress, she wanted to leave at least one thing to surprise. She hoped her choice would really wow them all. Tonight was more than just a dance for Katya, she thought of it as her rising from the ashes. She was finally beginning to feel like herself again, confident and happy, like the person she was before that night when some stranger stole something so precious from her. The taunting and teasing had ceased and it almost seemed like a distant memory. All she wanted was her old life back, and she knew tonight, and her dress, would solidify that for her. <p>

Though she had no problem finding a boyfriend, she chose to remain single for reasons none of her friends knew, or would even care to understand or believe. Whenever they asked why she was suddenly so 'prude' after last summer she would simply say that the boys at their school were too immature; she was waiting for college to really start dating. So, she made the choice to attend prom stag. However, a friend would not allow it for rather selfish reasons. 'Kat, it's going to throw off all of the group pictures if you show up alone! Don't be weird and stuck up. Take my cousin, Brad,' she remembers Ashley offering. Katya had met him before, and he was sweet, funny and attractive. Definitely not a bad date to be stuck with. Plus, she found the idea of her date being from a rival school to be kind of fun and risqué. So, she agreed to take Brad as her date, never questioning it, because Brad confirmed it via text. Katya would never imagine it would all just be a cruel joke. <p>

The group of girls spent the morning prepping and pampering themselves at the spa, and even there they continued the charade, showing Katya texts from Brad about how excited he was to see her and be her date. Come to think of it, it was quite the show. It must have taken a lot of planning, months in advance. Everyone had to participate actively for the elaborate plan to work. When Katya arrived at Ashley's beachfront home with her parents for group photos she could not wait to reveal herself. As anticipated, her friends were all impressed. It wasn't until Katya overhead 'what a shame' it was that she looked so great tonight. It didn't make sense to her then, so she brushed it off, not wanting to stress over it. Brad failed to show at the group photos at Ashley's beachfront home, he assured Katya he was on his way, just running a little late. Rather than mess up any of the group shots with dates, Katya stood on the sidelines with her mother and father, not wanting to show her disappointment which would soon turn to embarrassment. <p>

Over an hour later and Brad was still no where to be found, all the while assuring her he was on his way. Eventually, the group had to leave, so they decided he would just meet her at the prom. Katya managed to join in a few photos, the ones of just the girls, before everyone piled into the limousine heading to the hotel. She pushed down the awful gut feeling she was having, and smiled and joked with her friends the whole way to the venue. With high hopes, Katya hurried out of the limo before anyone else, praying to see her date waiting for her outside, like he promised. She held her dress up to make the quick shuffle up the stairs easier, only to find that no one was waiting at the top. It suddenly began to dawn on Katya that no would be showing up there to meet her. Katya clutched her dress in her hands as her so-called friends made their way up the stairs, laughing like hyenas. They knew, they must have. Slowly, she turned to see them pointing at her, laughing and joking amongst themselves. Rather than give them the satisfaction of seeing her cry, she ran into the venue and found the nearest bathroom, then locked herself in the stall.<p>

How could her friends do that to her? Why? She couldn't wrap her mind around it. None of it made sense to her, but she figured it never would. Some people were simply mean and there was nothing anyone else could do about it. Katya wept as she leaned against the wall of the stall and began typing an angry text to Brad, but midway didn't see the point. What good would it do? It wouldn't change the fact that she was completely humiliated and betrayed by people she thought were her closest friends. When did things change? Or was she always just this naïve and blind? Eventually, Katya composed herself and exited the stall. She figured no one would be coming in at that point, as the mocktail hour had passed and no one had come into the bathroom in the last few minutes. Katya took a few minutes to fix her makeup, though it was difficult to conceal her red and puffy eyes she managed to do a decent job of it. She drew in a deep breath and made her way back out to face her tormenters with a fresh face and a smile. <p>

Surely, word had spread about what had happened but she couldn't let it phase her, at least not outwardly. She kept a composed smile on her face and breezed into the room, walking past her assigned table and towards an open table with only two other couples. "May I sit with you guys?" she asked politely, and they replied wordlessly with awkward nods before she slid into the empty seat. Her heart was racing and she could feel everyone's eyes on her as the principal made her speech to the class of 2017. Katya avoided eye contact and forced herself to stare forward at their speaker. As she stared almost through their principal she made a silent vow to herself. Those 'friends' of hers, they didn't deserve any power over her. She refused to let them control her by making her feel weak, foolish and utterly humiliated. The tears were shed, the betrayal was felt, but now it was time to move past it, to be better than them. Though she so badly wanted to be petty, she had spent so much time working on herself, she hated the idea of throwing it away for a bunch of nobody's. Perhaps, in an unanticipated way, this would still be the night Katya rose from the ashes but rather than rise up and be the same person she once was she would be stronger, more resilient. They tried so hard to crush her spirit tonight, to completely tear her down, but she wouldn't allow it. No one else would ever have such power over her again. Whether she spent the night dancing alone or making new friends, tonight would still be a great night and no one would take that away from her.<p>

Katya's prom dress<br>
Katya's prom dress<br>
Katya's prom dress<br>
Katya's prom dress

@Elliot Caulfield
Jun 8 2016, 12:53 PM
[dohtml]<div class='postcolor'> <center><div style="width:350px; text-align:justify; font-size:11px; color:#000; line-height:100%; padding-top:2px;">

It had been a rough month for Katya. Ever since getting tangled up in Leon's web, she had a serious falling from the top. The halls she once ruled were now a constant source of anxiety for her. She dreaded each morning, and counted down the seconds until she was able to escape. If she had enough skips left, she would be absent more often, but she had skipped so many for parties and crap in the past she had very few left. She knew she needed to save them for whatever torture Leon had up his sleeve. After the disbursement of her diary entries, she was essentially friendless. Leon had managed to manipulate every journal entry to create Katya to be a hateful, two-faced, monster. Except he left a few in their original format - like the one she wrote about Elijah. It had been the night after what she called the 'lunch room incident' - where she went on to call several of her friends assholes, but also praised Elijah for putting up with that kind of torment because 'she would probably never know what that felt like.' Oh boy was she wrong…<p>

That night's entry also went on to say that she found him rather attractive, despite the fact he was an ass to her and didn't respond with overwhelming thanks for her coming to his aid. She received a few messages regarding that particular entry, all of them negative. Most called her a bully herself, and that she wasn't any better than them, things along those lines. A few teased her about her crush on Elijah, which she felt worse about for him than for herself. He was an innocent in it all, and she didn't want to draw more unwanted attention to him than he already had prior. She tried not to read the messages or posts, but it was hard not to. The day before she made the decision to delete all of her social media accounts, mainly because each alert she received brought her to tears. <p>

This morning was much like every other morning. Leon would stalk her locker, only to belittle her and scare her with the possibility of what other things he had up his sleeve. This week though had been quiet, nothing new had happened to make people hate her even more. But, she was sure something big was coming. It wasn't like Leon to just quit, certainly not while he was on such a roll. As she scurried through the halls later that day, avoiding eye contact and the lunch room at all costs, she bumped into a body and sent both of the items in their hands tumbling to the ground. "Oh no, I'm so sorry! I wasn't even looking. Completely my fault, I'm sorry," she said in a bumbling panic as she began picking things off the ground. As she looked up, she said a silent prayer hoping it wasn't one of her old friends. It wasn't. It was Elijah.

@Elijah Zeke Elliott
May 25 2016, 11:46 PM
[dohtml]<div class='postcolor'> <center><div style="width:350px; text-align:justify; font-size:12px; color:#000; line-height:100%; padding-top:2px;">
Katya could hardly get out of bed every morning since Leon began running some sort of secret campaign to ruin her life. Thankfully, it was Saturday and she didn’t have to leave her house today if she didn’t want to. She laid in bed, flipping through tv channels, trying not to think about how much her life had changed in such a short time. She went from Queen Bee to some sort of hated tyrant that everyone was trying to take down. It was so unexpected, but who could really prepare for such a downfall?<p>
Mean Girls was on tv, but Katya couldn’t stand to watch it. The scene with the burn book spreading through the halls of the school would be hit a bit too close to home for her. Leon had even managed to ruin one of her favorite movies… that hateful bastard. She flipped the tv off and grabbed her phone. No mean messages today – that’s a plus. But nothing nice either. Today no one seemed to care about Katya, and it was bittersweet. <p>
She bit her lip and scrolled through her contacts to Bianca, wondering whether or not to reach out. She recalled a passage in her diary that talked abiut Bianca being distant, but she never spoke ill of her in those pages. Unfortunately, even those she didn’t bash were now her enemies, so she couldn’t be sure who to call a friend these days, or if she had any at all. Still, she took a chance and shot her a text, hey, you busy today?

May 24 2016, 12:34 PM
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<font color="#3f72a6">kittykat</font> #RedLips #FreshFaced #SchoolDayz

May 11 2016, 01:09 PM

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Needless to say, things with Leon did not go well at the yacht party. For the remainder of the night, she kept to herself and was beyond thankful when they docked and she could get into the uber that Leon ordered for her. She wasn't sure who he left with and she didn't care. But, she was surprised when he seemed actually rather chill about the night. He even gave her the number for a friend who was an amateur photographer looking for a fresh face. Of course, Katya was eager for the shoot and grateful. <p>

The shoot went well, and his friend was incredibly kind, almost too eager and kind but she figured he was like her and just trying to get his big break. Katya was more than willing to assist get him there. The shoot lasted longer than she expected, but he had shot her in nearly every pose imaginable in about six outfits. One of them being a very teensy bikini, another being a cute button down and men's briefs, and one oddly enough with a loofah. She didn't question it, but she should have…<p>

The day following the shoot was a Friday, and she was eager to get the weekend rolling. She was on a high following the photoshoot, and raring to tell anyone who would listen about yesterday. Katya was so excited and in such a rush she even neglected to check her phone that morning. Maybe if she had she would have made the decision to take a sick day, because the moment she entered the school she was met with stares and giggles the entire way to her locker. Confused, she checked her phone, only to see the photos from last night in a not-so-flattering light.

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