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Noah Ezekiel Hartford


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Apr 11 2016, 05:13 PM

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Noah could hear his agent/uncle now. Stop running off. If you get hurt it’s over. Blah. Blah. Blah. Noah knew what he was doing, plus it was still early. Most people didn’t really get on the beach until like 9 or 10 and it was only 6:40. Noah sat in the sand, his board next to him as he watched the waves crashing onto the shore. He was still getting used to living down here. Living in rural Wyoming, he never really was used to having basically year round warm weather or rather weather that didn’t really ever reach a single digit, let alone below zero. That was definitely one of the perks to this place. He was glad that he’d been able to come out here today. His plan was to come yesterday, but he had to do promo shots for the upcoming season’s teasers.
Noah pushed up, looking around. He got his board and headed for the water, seeing the waves starting to come in. He got on his board and paddled out. He dove under a couple before he turned and then popped up on his board when the time was right and rode the wave out.

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<div class="gwwcred">girlwhowaited @ <b>(</b><a href="​">​shine</a><b>)(</b><a href="​">cttw</a>​<b>)</b>
Apr 9 2016, 08:19 PM
    Character Info

    Name:Noah Ezekiel Hartford
    Age: 22(September 24th, 1995)
    Play by: Greg Finley
    Member group: Celebrities
    One Defining Thing about them: Life events
    Family dynamic: His dad was in the military and his mom worked as a sales associate. He spent most of his time at his aunt’s place. His aunt remarried a man who was a talent agent. He quickly discovered the young man’s hidden talents and started getting him auditions.
    Starting out: He really took off when he was offered a role on a new series on the CW, but it was shortly taken off air. When he got news of the new show starting in Savannah Hills, he auditioned and got the role of Michael
    General facts
    Favorite food: Boneless BBQ wings
    Drink: Grape crush
    Book: Mockingjay
    Movie: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
    Past times: Surfing, hiking, jetskiing, and naps
    Biggest influence: Even though he rarely saw his dad, he would say he’s his biggest influence. When he did see him, they always made the most of their time together. He knew it was hard on his mom though, which is why he bought her a villa not far from where his dad was stationed and completely paid for it so she could be closer to him.

    Member info
    Name: Nicki
    Age: 24
    Time zone: CST
    How you found us: Made us
    Normal posting range: 100-1800

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