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Mar 2 2017, 01:03 PM

Matthew before leaving out of town for a month have heard from his sister that Ryan was in town with his little girl. Matthew loved that man because he has helped him in the past with so much, especially with his sister case. Matthew felt those two should be together but he understand why things weren’t happening for the two at this moment. He truly hopes maybe something it will happen. It times for things to heal and it believe that time happen for the two.

Matthew made a lunch date with Ryan today. He got the number from his sister and told him he would meet him downtown arena. Matthew was sitting down at the table taking a sip of his water waiting for Ryan to arrived. Matthew wants to ask him something and also tell him something. Matthew have to admit this someone and who else better his own lawyer. He needs to tell someone what he has done and he has a feeling it might catch up to him in his new life but want to see what Ryan believe.

@Ryan Brosnan
Mar 2 2017, 11:59 AM

It was a busy night within the hospital. Matthew was walking among the long hallways of the placed. The last time he was there he got hit by a car and the person drove off. That when Vanessa enter his life. It was like she hit him right in the face. Everything about this woman he truly liked. After hearing on the street about the person who had hit him believing that Vanessa saw him and might help the cops turn him in. Matthew have been watching her closely from afar he even up taking her out to eat. It was very enjoyable but he had to end that night fast. He felt bad but something came up important.

He know it didn’t help much that he had he left her right on the beach but he made sure everything was pay for and even made sure she got home safe. Now he is back in town and he want to see her for two reason. He truly want to explain everything to her but he just didn’t know how she would reacted to everything. How she would take the fact of what kind of job he has and everything. Matthew sister told him just be upfront with the woman and with both his brother and sister and his team wanting to meet the woman that got him going all crazy. It doesn’t help but also another person within his life he having told her about just yet. The thing is not even his brother and sister don’t know about that person which will pissed them off at first but in the end they will understand why.

Matthew was walking down the hallway wearing a pair of pair of dress pants with a black shirt on with his shades on his face. He was walking around the place trying to found Vanessa when he asked at the front desk about her. They informed him she was busy. Matthew just nods but act like he was leaving but start to look around for her office. He found it him looking around he could by the light she wasn’t in there. He open the door as he shook his head a bit placing on the light on.

He place a mental note in his mind he will just tell her next time make sure her office is closed next time. Even though he wasn’t in town he had his friends keeping an eye on her because the person was still out there. Matthew had heard through the grapevine that he has been looking into Vanessa background. He couldn’t understand why because her brother had passed away. Matthew stood there waiting for her to come back from her rounds. He just hope she wasn’t too mad at him for disappearing on her like this.

@Vanessa Calliope Vargas
Jan 13 2017, 07:01 PM

Matthew pulls up into an empty parking spot at the Hollywood center. He climbs out walking inside looking for an empty batting cage. He was going to meet up with an old friend. This officer and him they had their run in but when one of Matthew's contract told him Alex was looking for him. It seems he want to ask him something. He didn't mean helping out the young man.

Matthew walked over to an empty batting cage as he was starting to get it ready for him and Alex. He has grabbed enough balls to put into the machine for them to hit. He felt this was a great placed to meet up for two reasons. 1. it was out in the opening so people wouldn't think they were up to something. 2. It would look like they were friends just hanging out.

@Alex Crews
Dec 15 2016, 02:05 PM


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