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Jun 5 2017, 09:28 PM
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<b>TAG:</b> Greg <br>
<b>WORDS:</b> 609 <br>
<b>NOTES:</b> Looking forward to threading with you, Nicki!

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Always arrive first. That was one of the first things that Shilo's father taught her about business. You never want to get there after the person you are meeting because it's a sign of weakness, and showing weakness in business is definitely something to avoid. Even though this particular meeting wasn't one where weakness would be something noticeable, the thought of it made the woman feel anxious. Thus, as per usual, Shilo made sure she would be the first to arrive at Dimaggio's. She'd had her assistant text Greg with the details of their meeting a week ago. They were set to discuss a fundraising event, though Shilo wasn't sure yet which charity they would be raising money for. Despite that, she'd already come up with a few ideas for the event itself. The woman felt hopeful and optimistic that this would turn out to be a great venture for both herself and Greg, as well as the charity they would decide on.
"Welcome!" one of the waiters greeted her as she entered the restaurant. "Will you be dining alone this afternoon?"
Shilo flashed a friendly smile at the waiter, "I'm expecting someone. Can I get a booth, please?"
"Certainly! Right this way, ma'am," the waiter said before leading Shilo to a booth in the far right corner of the restaurant. Shilo sat down on the side closest to the wall and watched as the waiter placed two menus on the table in front of her. "Your server should be with you when your party arrives," he assured her, pouring two glasses of water. He smiled once more before taking his leave.
Checking the time on her phone, Shilo figured it would be about ten or fifteen minutes before Greg showed up, which was long enough to go over the plans she'd taken down one more time to assure herself that she was confident with the information. This would be her first time speaking directly to Greg, as her assistant had handled everything else up until this point. She wanted to be sure to make a good first impression on the man she would be doing business with from this day forward. The woman pulled a folder out of her purse and sifted through a few papers before finding the ones she was looking for. She read them over carefully, taking a sip of water every now and then. Meetings like this always gave Shilo a bit of a rush. They always had, even when she was young and in training. She'd joke with her father that business must be genetic back then. But today, Shilo was read to get these ideas off of the papers in front of her and into the real world.
On the other hand, she was also excited to see what Greg had planned out himself. Charity events were one of Shilo's favorite things to plan, regardless of who she was giving to. She figured that since she was so blessed in life, that passing her wealth onto people who needed it more than her was the best thing she could do. It was never a matter of "should I do this?" so much as "I need to do this." Some of her naysayers speculated that her involvement in charity was simply a way to make herself look good to the public. In reality, it was Shilo's way of paying it forward. Of course, the haters will always speculate the worst of someone when they're trying to do good. Nevertheless, that didn't bother Shilo one bit. She knew who she was and what her intentions were. That was all she needed to be happy.
</div></div></td></table><div class="thanksnick"><a href="http://cttw.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=3224">♔ nickdiazfan</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
May 30 2017, 10:22 PM
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<span> <b>❝</b>CEO of Ripe Cherry Records. LGBT Activist. #NeverRest<b>❞</b></span>

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Shilo Vega <b><i class="fa fa-check-circle" aria-hidden="true"></i></b>

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savannah hills, fl.

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May 30 2017, 05:06 AM

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bad bitch. lgbt icon. gettin that paper.</div>
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Shilo's her own woman. She's never been the type to seek out acceptance. Either

you like her or you don't. Though, she's confident that it will more often times

be people liking her. She inherited a record label called Ripe Cherry Records at

the young age of 21 when her father died of a heroin overdose. It's not like she

went in blind or anything, though. Her dad had been teaching her everything

she'd need to know about how to run the label since she was young. It's a family

business. Can you imagine that? But she's managed to stay strong for the sake

of the company. She was a child between two people who couldn't actually stand

each other's fake marriage. It was a publicity stunt. Sometimes she has a hard

time balancing her personal life with her work life. She's almost always busy

and rarely ever gets time to herself where she can just relax. When she's

finally able to get that time, she usually spends it smoking a joint and taking a

nice, long bath. She owns a charity that's dedicated to helping homeless LGBT

youths and is bisexual herself.<br>If you have any plot ideas at all, let me know

and we can discuss them! I'm down for whatever!

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She's not the type to beat around the bush. Shilo will tell it like it is. Some

people can be put off by her blunt nature, but that's life. Despite this tough

exterior, she's very generous. She wasn't raised that well, so showing affection

is something she doesn't always understand how to do. Usually, her affection is

shown through lavish gifts for her friends and lovers. Though her tight schedule

makes it seem like she'd never be able to see friends, if she really wanted to

see someone she could make some time. Her friends would probably be other famous

people, though Shilo wouldn't be the type to turn down a friendship based on

something like social class. I think it'd also be cool to have artists signed to

Ripe Cherry Records, if anyone is interested in that!

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<div class="orionc">
A plot that sticks out in my mind right now for an enemy is someone who takes

advantage of Shilo's generoisty, then as soon as she figures out what's going on

and calls them out on it, the person starts blackmailing her with some ~*to be

decided*~ info and extorting her for money.

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<div class="orionc">
Her work ethic keeps her from trying to get into relationships with people. She

says she doesn't have the time, but deep down she's dying to settle down with

someone and have a family. Shilo is determined to be a better parent than hers

were. She wants children so that she can finally have a happy, normal family. I

see her ending up with a female for the long haul eventually, just because I love

the idea of it. But I'm down for flings/casual romances, etc too.


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May 30 2017, 03:27 AM
<a href="http://thosesweetsummernights.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=909">Rihanna</a><br>

<a href="http://thosesweetsummernights.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=909">Rihanna</a><br>
May 30 2017, 02:52 AM
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Shilo Noel Vega

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Shilo N. Vega

</div><div class='text'>


</div><div class='text'>
March 9th

</div><div class='text'>

CEO of Ripe Cherry Records.

</div><div class='text'>


</div><div class='text'>

New York City

</div><div class='text'>


</div></div><div class='lilpic'><div class='wooooords'>
<I>Taken from a recent interview:</i>
I recently was able to catch up with Shilo Vega, CEO of Ripe Cherry records,

known for producing some of the hottest acts out there right now. During our

chat she told me everything from the nitty gritty of her childhood to her

struggling personal life and hopes for the future!<br><br><br>

Who exactly is Shilo Vega?

SV: "I guess the best place to start is with how my parents met. I'm sure you

remember Liz Sand, right? She was one of the more well known pop idols of the

80s. My dad, Edward Vega, discovered her singing in the subway. He took her and

created a pop diva. Well, what I'm told happened was they hooked up one night

and I was the result. They got married shortly after Liz discovered she was

pregnant...after all, you don't want to slip up and look bad, right? They played

it off as they had been seeing each other for years, but as I'm sure you've read

in Liz's tell all, that was just a front. But...yes, the truth is that my

childhood wasn't always sunshine and rainbows because of that. They lived

together. I mean, they had to in order to keep up appearances. Don't get me

wrong, I'm blessed--my wealth has kept me from ever going hungry. My mom and dad

constantly faught. It was a dysfunctional home. My dad turned to heroin, which

eventually took his life. My mom turned to alcohol, which eventually lead her to

rehab. She's living quietly these days. She's picked a small town by the

mountains in Oregon to live in. She's been producing tracks for rookie artists

under a different label these days. I definitely felt like I was a mistake in my

angsty teenage years, though. As I got older, I realized that I was one of the

lucky ones."<br><br>

Tell me about Shilo the CEO.
SV: "My dad was a very wise man when it came to business, and I'd like to think

he taught me everything he knew. In other words, you'd be hard pressed to pull a

fast one on me. I run Ripe Cherry the same way he did, for the most part. In

example, for most artists I have the digital release leak a couple of days before

the album drops. If people download something illegally and they like it,

statistically, they are very likely to purchase it. Dad would never have done

that, but I'm just keeping up with the times. It's free advertising. You have

to balance that life with your public life, which is equally important. I've

been known to buy drinks for the whole club on more than one occasion. The one

complaint I have is that it's hard to find time for myself. Real time for just

me. It seems like I only get that every once in a while. The dating scene is

particularly difficult for me because I'm always so busy. It's just hard to find

the time for things like that. Although, I am hoping to eventually be able to

settle down with someone and start a family."<br><br>

Let's back up a bit. You mentioned your father's overdose. I remember exactly

where I was when I heard the news five years ago.<br><br>

SV: "Oh, I was devastated. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get over it

entirely. My dad was my best friend. I still get the urge to call him and ask

for advice when something is going wrong in my life."<br><br>

You've done a lot of work for the LGBT community. Would you like to discuss that

at all?
SV: "Well, I founded a charity in 2014 to help homeless LGBT youth. I think it's

public knowledge by now that I'm bisexual. As someone who has the means to help

these kids, I feel like it's my responsibility to do something, not only as a

member of the LGBT community, but as a human being."<br><br>

What would you say to people who still don't know what to think of you?<br><br>

SV: "I'm not going to waste time trying to tell you that I'm a good person. Odds

are you've already made up your mind whether or not you like me, and that's

completely fine either way. For all my fans and supporters, I love you all very

much and hope to continue to bring great music out for you to all hear along with

my signed artists!"

</div><div class='lilpicc' style='background-image:url


<img src='http://i.imgur.com/sgdnzmv.jpg'>

</div><div style='width:440px; height:50px; background-color:#fff; font-

family:oswald; color:#222; line-height:50px; font-size:20px; text-

transform:uppercase; letter-spacing:2px;'>

ruki . GMT -8

</div><div style='margin-top:8px; width:450px; text-align:center; font-

family:calibri; font-size:8px; color:#777; line-height:100%; letter-

spacing:4px;'>[URL=http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=599] THANKS TO

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