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 older female lover.
Beverly windsor
 Posted: Aug 18 2017, 10:40 PM
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Requesting a love interest here for Beverly.

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The lovely Rachel Weisz (though only the suggested) is the play by that I am requesting for the character. I have a few ideas for potential plots with them.

*Rachel having being recently widowed, strolls into a bar one night and comes across Bev who is basically on the prey that evening. Rachel and Bev talk, drink together and end up leaving together that evening and Bev persists with trying to make it happen again, while Rachel resists.

*Rachel is happily or unhappily married, whichever one you choose. I'd say they meet in a bar again and it basically follows the same plotline as the first idea, it's just a different mindset for Rachel's character and adds a different type of drama to their relationships, especially since Bev refuses to leave her alone despite the resistance.

*A bit of a different one. Bev is originally from London, she moved to the US about a year ago and perhaps Rachel is a family friend that she's been staying with? Bev could be crushing on her and testing the waters there. Bev's parents are quite young so she wouldn't need to be too old for this to work. I think when things start, Rachel would be attempting to resist because she doesn't want to betray her friend, but again the persistence makes that hard.

These are just basic ideas, really and I think we could discuss more in depth as things went on.
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