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 going to wine country *, tag: nicki/wyatt
Victoria Deveraux
 Posted: May 26 2017, 03:40 PM
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natalie dormer
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Victoria pouted a bit when he moved her to face him but she smiled against his lips when she felt his kiss against them. Always sweet, always sweeping her off her feet even with the smallest things like a little peck to the lips. She looked back at him, the smile still present on her face, "Good, because I don't think I will either." Sure, some would say he was whipped, but she was equally so. All she wanted was to please him and show her appreciation for him, and it seemed it was mutual. A relationship like that was so rare these days, and she was willing to go above and beyond to maintain it.

Her arms came up to circle around his neck and she nodded a few times. "Of course, love. I wouldn't let us miss that! Just don't distract me when it gets close to heading over there," a devious smirk played on her lips as she stepped in to press her body against his. Victoria planted a gentle kiss to his lips before resting her chin on his shoulder and closing her eyes, just enjoying the peaceful moment with him. Her fingers strummed delicately along his skin as she relaxed.

@Wyatt Andrew Hannigan
Wyatt Andrew Hannigan
 Posted: Jun 17 2017, 03:54 AM
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Jake Gyllenhaal
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Wyatt was happy to hear that she agreed and that she wouldn’t get tired of kissing him. He certainly knew he wouldn’t tire of her. Her lips were too addicting to him. Sometimes Wyatt wondered if he had let himself get too serious too fast with Vicky, but in his mind he knew better. They were going as they were meant to go. He loved her and she loved him and they were enjoying being with one another. Wyatt honestly couldn’t have been happier about that fact. He knew that one day he’d want to advance further with Vicky, but only once everything else fell into place.

“Me? Distracting you? Never…” he said with a smirk. He would do best to hold off on any teasing or anything along those lines closer to show time. It was often hard for the pair to keep their hands to each other once anything got started. Wyatt had been late a couple times to work because of early morning play sessions, but each and every one was totally worth that being five or ten minutes late. Wyatt wrapped his arms around her, allowing one of his hands to run along her back. She felt so good against him. “I’m starting to get a little cold. Wanna join me in the hot tub? I promise I’ll behave…or rather try and behave. I make no promises but to try.”

@Victoria Deveraux

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