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Andrew Grayson

Windsor Academy Student

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Apr 14 2017, 11:28 PM
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Things started off so fantastic that semester… but then Andrew seemed to have lost his way in the past month. High school was finally over and now he was a college freshman. Everything should have been perfect, everything should have been easy and fun. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Classes were harder than he expected, and he felt overwhelmed. Even Miranda wasn't able to shake Andrew out of his funk, so instead he turned to liquor and weed. Those were his escapes lately. He knew that Miranda didn't like it, it made things between them tense. But he didn't know how to stop, how to get back on the right path. <P>

It was a Thursday night, and as always, he already had a solid buzz by nine o'clock. He stumbled across the hall towards Miranda's bedroom, and knocked a few times once he got there. "Baaaabe. Babe! Let me in. It's me," he chuckled and leaned against the door frame. A few girls from further down the hall passed by him and he caught one of their eyes and grinned, "Hey, where ya headed so fast?" As of late, Andrew was more flirtatious when buzzed, but as he transitioned into drunk his temper grew shorter. Lucky for these girls, they caught him buzzed, because drunk Andrew would have asked what the hell they were staring at.


@Miranda Allison Reynolds
Jun 8 2016, 04:10 PM
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He agreed, the wine was pretty tasty. Andrew hated when he went through the trouble to score a bottle, and it turned out to be disgusting. Of course, he would still drink it, but he wouldn't enjoy it. At least this one was drinkable. "Ah, that could be even better," he nodded, "Unless he brings the baby and his new wife." Drew made a sort of sour expression, having heard stories about her and not really liking her from the sound of them. "I'm sure she loved it," he said, not wanting to comment on how the band kids must feel about it all. Surely, they couldn't have been thrilled to participate with some popularity display. But, I guess getting paid wouldn't have been too bad.<p>
Drew drank down a good amount of his wine quickly, then nodded with a small smile before setting the cup down on the nightstand beside his bed. "This one's borderline really corny but," he paused to pull the lyrics from under the pillow and situate them in view, then he lifted his acoustic guitar and situated it in his arms, "I wrote it for you." <p>

He gave her a nervous smile, then cleared his throat and began to strum the guitar with his pick. After a moment, he began to sing the lyrics while reading them off the paper, "I wanna write you a song, one as beautiful as you are sweet. With just a hint of pain for the feeling that I get when you are gone. I wanna write you a song, I wanna lend you my coat. One that's as soft as your cheek, so when the world is cold you'll have a hiding place you can go. I wanna lend you my coat. Everything I need I get from you and, givin' back is all I wanna do." He glanced up at her, giving her a quick smile, "I wanna build you a boat, one as strong as you are free, so any time you think that your heart is gonna sink you know it won't. I wanna build you a boat. Everything I need I get from you, oh and givin' back is all I wanna do. I wanna write you a song. One to make your heart remember me, so any time I'm gone you can listen to my voice and sing along. I wanna write you a song, I wanna write you a song…" he trailed off then finally looked up at her. He gave a nervous chuckle, "I also wanna go to prom with you, so, would you do me the honor of being my date?"
@Miranda Allison Reynolds
May 9 2016, 01:57 PM
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It was that season again…. No, Andrew wasn't concerned with Spring. Although, he was excited since that meant Summer was right around the corner. What he was really concerned with though was Prom season. This would be his first one, and he would be lying if he said he wasn't completely frazzled about it. He knew time was running out, and a lot of Miranda's friends were already asked. She had to have been growing worried that he hadn't asked her yet. But, Andrew wanted it all to be perfect, like all those promposals he had been hearing about. Unfortunately, he wasn't exactly the best at that kind of stuff. <p>

So, Andrew took to what he knew best - his music. He had been neglecting that part of him lately. He was busy with Miranda, school, trying to figure out his future… Music took the back-burner. But what better time than now to bring it back? For the past three weeks he had been secretly writing a song for Miranda, one that could express how he felt about her. That would be his way of asking her to prom. Other girls got these flashy, super public displays of affection, but he wanted this to be intimate. He wasn't only asking her to Prom - he was telling her he loved her. That wasn't something he wanted to do in front of his classmates. It was scary enough just thinking about telling her alone.<p>

The night before Andrew had finally completed writing the song and figured out the chords he thought went best with the words. His guitar playing skills weren't the best, but the words were what mattered, and he knew they were perfect. He sent Miranda a text that morning asking her to meet him at his room around 7:30 for a glass of wine. It was Friday after a long day of class… He figured they could both use it. <p>

Around 7 o'clock he set the guitar down on the bed along with a hand-written version of the lyrics. He almost knew them by heart, but he didn't know if his nerves would get the best of him later. The last thing he wanted was to be sitting there staring at her if he forgot the words. The wine had been hidden away, just in case anyone came in to check his room. Plus, he didn't want his room-mate helping himself… Andrew sat on his bed, waiting anxiously as the minutes ticked by, his feet tapping.

@Miranda Allison Reynolds
Sep 18 2015, 11:32 PM
Face claim: Harry Styles
Name: Andrew Grayson
Age: 17
Born: New Jersey
Relationship status: Taken; Miranda Reynolds
Occupation: Windsor Junior

Andrew was born and mostly raised in New Jersey. His mother and father were polar opposites: your typical, bearded, Harley rider and an educated, proper, professor. Despite their differences, they’re still completely and totally in love – which is what Andrew hopes to have one day. He is quite different than his classmates. He didn’t come from money, his father earned it through hard work and taking a chance at opening his own bike shop (which is now the most lucrative Harley Davidson dealership in New Jersey). He is also heavily tattooed, like his father. His parents allowed him to get his first tattoo at the age of 15 (the same age as his father when he got his first ink). As a freshman, Andrew got into a lot of trouble and did not want to be at Windsor, but he adjusted to the life and the people. Oddly enough, he became popular, but probably for all the wrong reasons. Andrew is also smart, but also a smart-ass, which makes teachers resent him. His goal is to maintain a B average and go to college, and not take over his father’s business. Even though it would bet he cushy and easy route, he isn’t passionate about it like his father. Ideally, he would want to become a tattoo artist, because he has a lot of artistic ability, but he knows it isn’t a smart route to take. Not only is he intelligent and artistic, but he can also sing quite well. The rumor is that if he sings to you, he has fallen for you. He has sung for only two girls at school, his ex-girlfriend Lennox, and the girlfriend he had before Lennox. Lennox was also the girl who broke his heart like no one had before. He suspected she was cheating on him and then caught her kissing his room-mate Daniel. He immediately broke it off and has hated her and his room-mate ever since.

Currently, Andrew is a Junior at Windsor Prep and behaving “just like his father,” as his mother would often say. The only women he cares for in his life right now are his mother, Miranda and his friend Matilda. Miranda is Andrew’s opposite, but he fell for her when they got paired for a project. To his surprise, she liked him too and they have been happily dating. Miranda will be the next girl he sings for, which will mean he loves her.

After graduation next spring I want him to do the responsible thing and go to college for business so that he can take over the family Harley dealership. No finals right now as far as relationships go.

Aug 18 2015, 12:25 AM
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It was the perfect night for a bonfire. A little chillier and breezier than usual. These were Andrew's favorite nights because it wasn't stifling. He could actually breathe and not feel like he was inhaling water. Florida was great, but it did have its downfalls. Andrew walked around the crowd, beer in hand, and did some people watching. A few people had begun to pair off, as expected. He glanced around and saw many familiar faces, but not all so friendly. One happened to be his ex-girlfriend.
He was sure his face spoke a thousand words, even though he couldn't see it, but he could certainly feel it. As usual, Drew ducked out to avoid being spotted, by making a quick turn into a passing group. Tonight was supposed to be fun, and his ex was the complete opposite of fun. Drew continued to sip on his beer before catching sight of an open spot near the bonfire. He made a beeline for it and plopped down. Drew took a deep breath, taking in the scent of the wood and the ocean air.
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