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Oct 6 2017, 08:42 AM
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Being the fresh meat at a high school was tough, luckily, Faye was able to make friends rather quickly, one of them being Penelope. Plus, she didn't have much of a target on her back as a senior English and Creative Writing teacher; the students mostly behaved and didn't give her a hard time. Seniors were always Faye's favorite to teach because halfway through the year everyone checked out mentally and there was some creative freedom to be had there. They were more willing and open to enjoy sillier games and assignments, and her syllabus could be more lax. That was the type of freedom that was lost when she was forced to teach freshmen the previous year at her old job. It was sheer torture and misery - so, she began to explore her options. Many people suggested Florida, and she did have an aunt and a cousin here, so she figured why not? There was nothing anchoring her in Maine anyway. It wasn't long before a senior teaching position opened up in town and she hightailed it to Savannah Hills, and never looked back. <p>

Unlike her soon to be favorite bar man, Dean, Faye was a bit more... animated. She sauntered in, still in her work skirt, blouse, and modest heels - she commanded the room. Of course, she didn't know it. Despite her outward appearance, Faye was humble, never conceited. <p>


Dean had been mopping up the bar top, his mind all over the place lately. He couldn't figure out how he had gone from no women in his life to two. This wasn't the position he ever predicted he would be in, nor did he want to be in it. His eyes glanced up at Nellie and he gave her a warm smile, a hint of guilt behind it. By now he was sure she had heard about Allie kissing him at the bar, and could speculate where that had led. Especially since rumors were flying that she wanted to try things fresh with him... those rumors were true. <p>

Dean wouldn't deny it if Nellie had asked, he was an honest man, but she never asked and he never had the nerve to bring it up. Instead, he went about as if nothing had changed between them. After all, things with Allie weren't official and neither were things with Nellie. Even so, he felt guilt ridden. His brother has tried to ease his conscience but that didn't seem to be working. Thankfully, his concentration broke when he heard the door open over the music, a beautiful blonde entering his bar. <p>


Faye was told the place was casual, but she felt pretty casual in her work clothes - they were comfortable and she was used to them. Ignoring the eyes on her, she spotted Nellie and made a bee-line for her, not even noticing Wade with her. "Hey gorgeous, come here often?" she teased as she slinked up beside Nellie. <p>

Dean's eyes followed the female straight to Nellie. Crap. He would certainly have been caught watching her, and it only made it worse that the two knew each other. But it made sense that the two prettiest girls on the room would be friends. As they greeted one another he walked over and smiled, asking her politely what she would like to drink. She looked like a wine gal, and he was right. She ordered a Pinot Grigio - chilled, then took a seat beside Nellie.


Faye didn't mean to ignore Wade or seem rude, but she didn't even consider that him and Nellie were a pair as Nellie made no mention that anyone else would be joining them that evening. "How was work? I heard about the kid who had an allergic reaction in last period - sounded scary," she said as she crossed her legs in her seat.


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Oct 5 2017, 07:53 AM

Jennifer Lawrence  | krys | 10/15<br>
Sep 28 2017, 11:09 AM
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Things had been going rather well for Amelia lately, despite a good chunk of her life being a total lie. Well, mostly her "relationship" - that was a sham. Though, she had to admit, she didn't hate it. Patrick was sweet, attentive, generous, and probably had the makings of a fantastic real boyfriend had their arrangement happened more organically. But Amelia knew they were just an act, and she tried to remind herself of that when she felt herself well, feeling. Though, when that happened, she'd have a small bump of ketamine and forget all about it. In secret of course because Patrick had no idea she had this nasty little habit. <p>

These days she found herself having less time to use on a daily basis like she used to since she was on girlfriend duty most nights, which was probably a good thing. Amelia would never admit it, but she needed to be weaned off desperately before her whole life fell apart (again). The more "serious" the relationship got, the busier she got, the less time she had to use. She was more functional now because of Patrick - she found herself being more present mentally at work and screwing up less. She physically felt better as well. But deep down... she still had her craving.<p>

Today was her "day off" from girlfriend duties, so naturally, she would need to go have a few drinks, score some K, and go back to her apartment to inhale her favorite white powder until she passed out. One good thing to come of using ketamine less was that her tolerance had gone down quite a bit as well. Less K needed to get fucked up meant less money spent, and that she could get on board with. <p>

She had gone into her usual bar and had a few drinks while waiting for her dealer to get back to her. When he did, she wasn't too pleased. A friend of his was going to make the drop off, someone she didn't know, someone she probably shouldn't trust. Not that anyone should trust any drug dealer, but she had a different relationship with her dealer. However, his associates were shady characters... Amelia needed her fix though, so she'd manage. <p>

By the time she received the text from the unknown number to meet her down the street she was already quite tipsy. After paying her tab she hurried out of the bar and to the pick up spot. It was dark and somewhat secluded which was good, but also quite unnerving for Amelia. Normally her dealer would pretend to pick her up from the bar, she'd pay, and he'd drop her off at home or her car - depending on her state of inebriation. Now that she thought about it, getting in a car with a dealer wasn't much better than meeting one in an alley. Regardless, something about the night felt wrong. <p>

It took a moment for her to spot the man in the dark. He looked younger than she expected, guess kids were getting started in the business young these days. Amelia should have listened to her gut, because a simple pick up turned violent quickly when he tried to rip her off. Forty dollars for her usual!? Outrageous. It was never more than twenty. Who did this little thug think he was? Amelia insisted he had done his math incorrectly and tried to shove her $20 bill at him and take the tiny glass container. He wouldn't be convinced so easily though... Arguing turned to screaming, and screaming turned to shoving, and before she knew it he had her pinned on the floor. Damn having all of those drinks at the bar, maybe she wouldn't have been so easy to subdue. It wasn't the time to think about what ifs though, not when she was being held down by a boy telling her he'll "slit her fucking throat." Not exactly how Amelia thought she'd die...


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@Patrick Owen Vanderbilt
May 22 2016, 05:24 PM
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Amelia knew she was spiraling... with Reign dealing, scoring drugs was easier and cheaper than ever. Even though it all felt like deja vu, she couldn't help herself. It was so easy to escape, or perhaps retreat, into this drug bubble she created for herself. It wasn't necessarily Reign's fault at all - Amelia was well on her way before she met him. But, meeting him had facilitated in her downfall. <p>

Tonight, not unlike most nights, Amelia sat in her tub and did little bumps of ketamine off the edge. This was how she normally chose to unwind after work.Today however had been extremely stressful. She had done a bump of K in the bathroom at work, and it happened to be too much for her to handle. She nearly ruined the entire funeral. Her boss was obviously livid, but she was able to play it off as exhaustion after feeling sick the past weekend. Amelia was no stranger to concealing her drug use, but it was becoming more difficult and her using increased and began to spill over into work.<p>

She tapped the small glass jar against the tub, careful but not careful enough. Too much came out, and she knew it. Normally she would try and put it back in the jar but tonight she said, fuck it, capped the jar, and snorted the mound. It didn't take more than a few minutes for the drug to hit her. It was too much. Oh no, she thought, panicking as she felt her body succumb to the drugs. Reign was on his way... he was sure to find her either like this, or drowned in the tub.<p>
Amelia struggled to get out of the tub before she lost the ability to entirely. After two attempts, she managed to pull herself out and onto the cold tile. Her heartbeat was slowing and she was becoming so sleepy... Eventually her eyes closed, and she drifted off.

@Reign Thomas
Mar 28 2016, 12:55 PM
Face claim: Emily Vancamp
Name: Amelia Willows
Age: 25
Born: Florida
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: Funeral Director

Amelia did not have a bad childhood, in fact, she had a great one. She had loving parents and close-knit family. Nothing exceptionally bad happened to her as a child that could explain why she is where she is today. She had it easy in high school, and did very well academically and socially. However, college (she attended UFS) was another story. She thought it would be a more fun version of high school, and for a few semesters that was the case. She had fun, studied, and did everything a college girl was supposed to do. She also fell in love… which would be one of her biggest mistakes.

The man she fell in love with was someone she had met at a party at the start of her junior year, he wasn’t a student, but for some reason knew most of her friends and hung out in her circle. __________ was a few years older. She soon learned that he was the drug dealer for most of UFS, and that he also fancied Amelia quite a bit. At first, she resisted his advances, but eventually she broke down. He was incredibly affectionate and romantic, which she didn’t expect (and also didn’t tell anyone about, assuming he wouldn’t want the world to know since he was the “big bad drug dealer”).

Before getting into a relationship with _________, Amelia had not done anything more than smoke pot, but he introduced her to many other drugs. Soon, Amelia became a habitual user of really anything he was pushing. She made sure to hide this relationship, and her using, very well and maintained her GPA throughout college to keep her family and friends in the dark.

By her senior year, Amelia was a full blown ketamine addict. It wasn’t something _______ sold, but it was something she had tried when she was given it as a gift from another one of the big dealers in town (Bronson). She was almost immediately hooked on the feeling, and ___________ was happy to feed the addiction, until one night, Amelia had done too much at his apartment. In a panic, and not wanting to get caught by the police, he dumped her on the steps of the hospital and drove off.

When Amelia came to, she was surrounded by her family, but ____________ was nowhere to be found. She fabricated a story, telling the doctors and her parents that she was at a party drinking, and that she must have been drugged, and possibly raped. Amelia knew it was wrong to lie about the sex they had that night, but she was furious when she discovered that she had been left at the doors of the ER to live or die. Despite the hurt she felt, she couldn’t go through with the rape charges and refused to pursue them even though her parents urged her to.

Amelia had tried to contact ____________ on several occasions, but she soon found out that her had changed his number, and none of her connections would say where he had gone. It was almost like he disappeared. No one knew where he was, and if they did, they wouldn’t tell her. The only person who would even still answer her calls was Bronson. So, heartbroken and unable to share what had really happened with anyone, she turned to Bronson for help. He soon became her connection for ketamine, which she continued to use despite her overdose.

After graduation, Amelia turned to a family friend and asked for help – she wanted to pursue a career as a funeral director. She originally wanted to be a coroner, but knew this was more lucrative, and easier. Plus, no one would question her solemn attitude or perpetual sad face. Amelia just couldn’t get over the betrayal and heartbreak. Years later, Amelia is still a user, but moving on up in the funeral director world. Unfortunately, around Christmas 2015 she ran into ________, or rather saw him out at a bar. With another woman. Kissing. That was the moment Amelia went into a downward spiral. Before, her ketamine use was light, but continuous. It skyrocketed. She torched her apartment after passing out from taking too much and also began a relationship with a new dealer in town, Reign.

Amelia is in an unconventional, and completely unhealthy, relationship (if you can call it that) with Reign. She is unaware that he is an undercover agent trying to make a big drug bust and using her as an in. She felt an instant connection with him, and has feelings for him. Not sure what will come of this relationship, but Amelia needs help.

I want Amelia to recover and take over the business she currently works for, but she cannot do that until she cleans up her act. I would also like someone to be her final to see her through this and help her when she stumbles along her path to recovery.
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