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Nina Poretta

Sunnydale Student

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Oct 8 2017, 10:24 PM

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It had been several months since the awkward, but quite steamy, drunken hook up at the gala. Rather than talk about it, Nina retreated into herself and surfing, completely avoiding Noah. Luckily, she had competition after competition to keep herself occupied and distracted. That was until after one night she was convinced, after a few celebratory drinks, to text Noah. At first, she couldn't help but get her hopes up. She felt such butterflies whenever she saw a text message from him, and she felt as though maybe there was hope for them yet, though that feeling of hope didn't last. Not even two weeks later Noah's face was all over the tabloids, and he wasn't pictured alone. He was with his co-star, looking rather cozy, and rumored to be dating her. <p>

Naturally, she was hurt and caught off guard by the news. He certainly didn't speak to her as though he was seeing someone else. She had practically convinced herself that they would soon be dating. Nina felt like an idiot, and again, retreated. Now, it was already Thanksgiving and she had done an excellent job of not running into Noah since her team returned home for the season a week prior. That was, until right then, at the deli. All Nina wanted was a breakfast sandwich and some home fries. She was dressed in loungewear, her hair messy and curly. It was Thanksgiving morning, so the last thing she expected was to run into anyone - and certainly not Noah of all people. <p>

But there he was… walking right through the front door.

</div><div class="thisisme">I AM IX.</div></div>

@Noah Ezekiel Hartford
Mar 28 2016, 12:53 PM
Face claim: Rose McIver
Name: Nina Poretta
Age: 21
Born: Aukland, NZ
Relationship status: Taken; bf back in New Zealand
Occupation: Study abroad student at the University; Shockwave Girl

Nina is originally from Aukland, New Zealand and just started her senior semester abroad at the University. Her major is Social Work at the University of Aukland and consider sit a fallback plan to her surf career.

Right now Nina lives in a condo she shares with her best friends, fellow students studying abroad. She has a boyfriend back home. She's passionate about surfing is in talks with Shockwave to become their newest surf girl/team-mate.

Eventually, Nina and her boyfriend will break up. He will want to pursue his music career more and they will need to accept that their lives are going on separate paths. I desperately want her to meet an American boy (face claim to be Greg Finley) since she will be staying in Florida after graduation in May to be of the surf team.
Feb 22 2016, 02:46 PM
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It wasn't until the sun had begun to set that Nina realized she had spent the majority of her Saturday at the beach surfing. Her body was sore, and she was exhausted, but her room mates wanted her to meet them out. Lately she had been a bit anti-social, overly focused on being noticed by the surf girls in town, and had been neglecting their friendship a bit. They were always understanding and supportive of her dream, but she knew she needed to make more time for them. If all went according to plan, she may not return back home, so she had to make the most of this time with them. <p>

After the beach, she went home and washed the salt water off her body and changed into a casual but cute dress. She hurried to the Bristol where he room mates told her they would be. It wasn't until she had already taken a cab there and ordered a drink from the bartender that they sent her a text saying they had moved along to another bar, but would return to the Bristol later. Nina sighed and put her phone away, then quietly sipped her beer. She knew she couldn't have expected them to wait for her forever, but she was still disappointed.

Feb 12 2016, 05:47 PM
[dohtml]<div class='postcolor'> <center><div style="width:350px; text-align:justify; font-size:11px; color:#000; line-height:100%; padding-top:2px;">
Nina had been waiting for Saturday all week. With her schedule so packed, she hadn’t had the time, or the energy really, to hit the beach. She was hoping today was the day, the day someone would see her, see her talent, and sign her. Right then and there. It was obviously farfetched, but a girl could dream, right? She was lucky enough to find a reasonable priced apartment on the beach to share with some of her friends who were also studying abroad. It was honestly her only request when the group had been deliberating and planning their stay. <p>
She hurried out of her apartment early Saturday morning, making sure not to wake her flat mates. Her surfboard under her arm and coffee mug in hand, she made the short walk to the beach. Once she reached a good spot she dug her board into the sand and took a seat beside it. Nina sipped her coffee as she watched the sun come up. Most college students couldn’t dream of waking up before the sun on a Saturday morning, but Nina was driven. She knew what she wanted, and that this was the way to get it. The sooner she got out there, the more waves she caught, the more practice, the better she would become. <p>
After finishing up her morning coffee and watching the sun rise, she slipped out of her tank top and shorts and set them down in a pile beside her mug. Before she knew it, she was out on the water, paddling to hopefully catch her first wave of the day.

Feb 10 2016, 02:21 PM
Nina is originally from New Zealand and just started her senior semester abroad at the University. She's passionate about surfing and hopes to be noticed by a team in Florida so that she could be sponsored and live out her true dream.

Boyfriend back in New Zealand: Bradley James!!

Best Friends and Room-Mates (also studying abroad): Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley

Cousin or Older Sister: Jennifer Morrison
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