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Oct 5 2017, 10:27 PM
            Going to Hallington’s on Friday nights had become a tradition for siblings, Wade and Penelope Granger. It had started a few years back when Nellie first got hired as a high school nurse. Wade was a mechanic, who’d always had a fondness for going for a beer after work. This Friday evening was no exception. The new school year had started a month back and things at the high school could get stressful. The nights at the bar were a good way for the young woman to decompress and spend time with her brother. Sometimes Wade’s twin brother, Jax, would join them. However, on Friday nights, a lot of the time, Jax would be off playing a gig with his band. They had another sister named Aubrey who had recently moved back to town-- but she hadn’t started coming out with them.

            It was a little after eight when the two met up at Hallington’s. With as often as they were there, there were other people they hung out with. One person, in particular, was Dean Hallington, the bar’s owner. Nellie had gone to high school with him and had always had a crush on him. Those feelings had never wavered and had only gotten stronger in recent years. It didn’t help things that she and Dean had been intimate in the recent past. They hadn’t become an actual couple, but she still held out hope that they would.

            Dean was also a really good friend of Wade’s. Wade knew what was going on between the other man and his sister. He wasn’t necessarily happy about it. He knew how Nellie felt about Dean and he was concerned she’d get her heart broken. However, he didn’t say too much about it. None of it was his business and he kept to himself.

            Usually, the siblings would sit at the bar counter. Wade would get himself a bottle of Corona while Nellie drank Angry Orchard hard cider. While drinking, they’d talk about their jobs and any other things going on.

            ”We should go get some tacos and some guac.” Wade stated as he nodded in agreement with what he said. ”Maybe a burrito… Ice-cream after?”

            ”Your stomach is a bottomless pit.” Penelope said, with a shake of her head. She was semi-paying attention to her brother. The majority of her focus was on scoping out Dean. She always had butterflies in her stomach when she knew she was about to see him.
Oct 2 2017, 11:48 PM
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Aug 15 2017, 10:13 PM
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Aug 14 2017, 09:01 PM
    Character Info

    Name: Penelope Amelia Granger
    Nickname: Rabbit
    Age: Twenty-Seven
    Play by: Elizabeth Olsen
    Grade Level: College Graduate
    Member group: Local
    Occupation: High School RN
    Five important things about them [history wise]
    * Penelope Granger was born on October 27th, 1989. She has two older brothers that are twins and an older sister.

    * It was her brothers who pretty much raised her and her sister Aubrey.

    * From a young age, Nellie knew she wanted to be a nurse.

    * She's always been a fairly good student and did quite well through school and college rabbit.

    * Nellie has always loved rabbits and ever since she was a little girl, her siblings have called h
    Personality traits [at least six]:
    Hard-Working: From the time her father died-- Rayna has always been willing to help out in any way she can. This has carried through into her adulthood and shows in the work she does.

    Patient: She's never been in much of a hurry. If there's something she's hoping for or wants, she's usually okay with just waiting. The best things in life are worth waiting for.

    Realistic: As much as she loves fairytales, especially anything Disney; she doesn't turn a blind eye to the punches life can throw. She doesn't like being cynical and does her best to keep it in check.

    Thoughtful: If there is someone special in her life-- she likes to do little things to show them that they matter. It's usually not anything big, sometimes, it can be something like picking them up their favorite Starbucks drink.

    Listener: Nellie has had her share of people who have been a listening ear for her. She likes to return the favor. Knowing that sometimes, people just need to vent.

    Resilient: She's had some serious punches thrown her way, but Nellie has managed to bounce back.

    Member info
    Name: Jenny
    Age: 31
    Time zone: CST
    How you found us: RPG-Directory
    Normal posting range: 150-300
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