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Aug 18 2017, 10:40 PM
Requesting a love interest here for Beverly.

The lovely Rachel Weisz (though only the suggested) is the play by that I am requesting for the character. I have a few ideas for potential plots with them.

*Rachel having being recently widowed, strolls into a bar one night and comes across Bev who is basically on the prey that evening. Rachel and Bev talk, drink together and end up leaving together that evening and Bev persists with trying to make it happen again, while Rachel resists.

*Rachel is happily or unhappily married, whichever one you choose. I'd say they meet in a bar again and it basically follows the same plotline as the first idea, it's just a different mindset for Rachel's character and adds a different type of drama to their relationships, especially since Bev refuses to leave her alone despite the resistance.

*A bit of a different one. Bev is originally from London, she moved to the US about a year ago and perhaps Rachel is a family friend that she's been staying with? Bev could be crushing on her and testing the waters there. Bev's parents are quite young so she wouldn't need to be too old for this to work. I think when things start, Rachel would be attempting to resist because she doesn't want to betray her friend, but again the persistence makes that hard.

These are just basic ideas, really and I think we could discuss more in depth as things went on.
Aug 18 2017, 02:35 AM
[dohtml]<div class='postcolor'> <center><div style="width:350px; text-align:justify; font-family:droid serif; font-size:10px; color:#000; line-height:150%; padding-top:2px;">

<p>Bev was relatively new to Savannah Hills, Florida and because of that she didn't really know her way around the city all to well and that made finding Hallington's bar a little tougher than she initially anticipated. Bev knew practically nobody in the city either, she wasn't the most social of girls despite being that type who fell into the popular groups based solely on her looks and her bank balance and yes, she had met a few girls that she found she got along with OK at a different club a few weeks ago, but she hadn't cared enough to use the numbers she had been given to spend further time with these girls. It was, after all safe to say that Beverly was a bit of a snot and often found herself feeling like people weren't worth her time; but that could have been because she didn't really like people all that much. <p>
But even the most anti-social of girls occasionally needed a little companionship and that had probably be what pushed her to suggest this guy that she might very well be meeting 'buy her a drink' because she figured that a little company was better than her own. Bev didn't intend on actually having this guy pay her way, she had her own money and men did tend to 'expect' things if they spent money on a girl and even if Bev was looking, she wouldn't be looking in that direction because she never looked in that direction. In the time they had spoken to each other, this guy had only made reference to her appearance and that impressed her because usually everything was about her appearance, though she did suppose that she didn't offer much else in ways of conversation, but either way she didn't want to call those girls up to see what they were doing so this guy seemed to be the best option for tonight. <p>
The first thing that Bev noticed when she walked in Hallington's were that the bartenders were, in fact quite gorgeous and she chewed her bottom lip softly as she wondered if she'd be able to take any of them home; statistically speaking there was every chance she'd be able to get one into her bed, even if she was just a little curious. It was still far too early in the night to even think about that though, any good bartender would be focused on the job for a few good hours until now, but that didn't stop her eyes from glancing over towards a striking red headed girl who was just finishing up serving some other people. "I'll take a mineral water with a dash of raspberry cordial, dear." She smiled at the girl, who didn't have a name tag on and watched as she smiled and went to fix her drink; though she was a little disheartened since the girl's smile didn't seem remotely flirtatious. Bev took her drink and smiled, thanked the girl and set it down in front of her. It was probably hopeless trivia, but Bev didn't touch alcohol, only on the rare special occasion when she was toasting something or taking a shot for a birthday. It was a mixture of caution since she did happen to be meeting somebody for the first time tonight and just... a personal preference. Bev didn't enjoy the feeling of intoxication, she hated being hungover and she hated throwing up, also the way alcohol caused her bladder to throb and she hated that she needed to pee every ten minutes when she was drinking.


Aug 17 2017, 02:40 AM
    Character Info

    Name: Beverly Ruby Windson
    Nickname: Bev
    Age: 22
    Play by: Bryana Holly
    Grade Level:
    Member group: Local
    Occupation: Youtuber

    Five important things about them [history wise]: *Bev doesn't need to work, so she doesn't have a regular job, but she does operate a highly successful movie related youtube channel that ranks inside the top 10 for subscribers. Bev knows that most of her subscribers just like looking at her, but really that doesn't bother her.

    *Bev is originally from London, England and moved over to Florida when she was 18 years old to go to college, but she ended up dropping out of college and still hasn't told her parents about it.

    *Bev is extremely closeted and dates guys basically to keep her parents happy, but keeps a good amount of female lovers on the side. Bev is quite good at keeping her own secret a secret but when she's drunk, all bets are off.

    *Bev's parents are close to the richest people in London, each have their own company and each fill Bev's bank account because they think she's in college, so she's sort of stealing from then since their paying her way under false pretense.

    *Bev has never had a real relationship and never wants to get married or have children.

    Personality traits [at least six]: *Bev is straight forward and can be quite bitchy

    *Bev has a tendency to do things that she regrets later.

    *She's more seductive than flirtatious and she's very, very selective.

    *She could be vindictive if she needed to be.

    *She doesn't really come across as a rich kid and doesn't put a whole lot of effort into her appearance - she's a naturally good looking girl and that goes a long way.

    Member info
    Name: Lisa
    Age: 22
    Time zone: AEST
    How you found us: advertisements
    Normal posting range: 400-ish
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