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 Fun at the Pier, Tag: OPEN
Elhana Ward
 Posted: Aug 15 2017, 01:36 PM
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The truck that El had managed to sneak onto the back of had landed her...well, she didn't exactly know. But one of the first things she could smell as she walked along the road, was the salty ocean water. It hadn't taken long to find herself emerging onto a cove. The sand was soft and white and the water stretched out to beyond where she could see. She'd never been to the beach before and found the sheer open space of it, enticing. She spent the first day just wandering the shore, and found a place to sleep under one of the docks. It got colder as the night wore on, but she curled up and fell asleep to the sound of the ocean lapping.

The second day, she found her stomach getting the better of her. The ocean was pretty, but with no food or water available, she had to keep pressing on until the beach opened up to the tourist area. Now the quiet beach was littered with colored tents and umbrella, people sprawled out like beached whales and kids screaming and dashing into the waves. Ellie grumbled under her breath as she strode passed, tempted a few times to try and steal from bloated coolers packed with snacks and drinks. Irritable, she made her way onto the boardwalk.

There was a restroom where she was able to at least drink, taking water from the faucets, but food was another matter. She spent most of the day wandering and being too scared to actually try and steal anything, which she then berated herself for being such a wimp. By late afternoon, the sounds of people having fun were really pressing on whatever nerves weren't already irritated. Especially as she realized how wasteful they were being. She was starving, and over and over she saw someone toss out half eaten food, or toss it away to seagulls.

Her small form allowed her to follow after a person, mainly unnoticed and, if she noticed something thrown out, she would reach into the trash and grab it out. And dare anyone shoot her a look about it either. A flip of the finger was usually sufficient to make them move along.

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